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Bob Marley & The Wailers – Ibiza 1978

Bob Marley & The Wailers arriving at Ibiza Airport in 1978
Bob Marley & The Wailers Ibiza 1978

Two pounds of Jamaican ganja, two pounds of Jamaican honey and twenty pounds of white fish…. That and $50,000 is what it took to create one of the most iconic moments in Ibiza’s rich musical history.

Ibiza has a well …

Ibiza & The War On Culture

Ibiza Hippie Culture

2020 will mark a significant turning point for Ibiza. The pandemic has shown us how fragile the tourist economy is. The current administration have talked a lot about encouraging more sustainable industries outside of tourism. Before tourism in Ibiza there …

Ibiza Light Painting with Marc De Groot

Ibiza Light Painting with Marc De Groot

Marc De Groot is an Essex born Photographer and Videographer who first came to Ibiza on a family holiday in 1982, he returned again briefly in 1998 but it wasn’t until 2006 that he spent a summer working here. “Around

The End of Lawless Leisure by Andy McKay

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After a financially paralyzed year for most of Ibiza’s hospitality and entertainment sector, the Covid vaccine is finally being implemented and the future is starting to look much brighter for the island’s tourist economy. A moment that should be positive …


TRHS LEAD IMAGE 1024 x 500
Natalie Wood Make-up

The relative calm of the onset of the Ibiza winter is normally punctuated with one last big festivity, this event is very different from the seemingly endless parties that make up an Ibiza summer, this event – Halloween Ibiza, …

Jose Padilla in tributes

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Jose Padilla

Jose Padilla 1955 – 2020. The passing of Jose Padilla will mark a turning point in Ibiza, the end of an era ushered on by a global pandemic and marked by the passing of some of its most beloved protagonists. …

Ibiza Walks and Hikes

Ibiza Walking

Ibiza walks by hikingibiza.nl, walking group, blue sky, summer fieldLooking for great Ibiza walks? Here we list some of the most beautiful and interesting walks and hikes to discover in Ibiza.

Ibiza Walking Association

These wonderful winter Ibiza walks encompass everything from full moon walks through Santa Ines to …

Ibiza Light Festival

Light Man
Ibiza Light Show

The magnificent UNESCO world heritage site that is the city of Ibiza acts as the backdrop for the Ibiza Light Festival. It’s monuments and facades interact with the light in a symbiotic show that will dazzle child and adult alike. …

The San Jordi Market In Pictures

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San Jordi Market Ibiza

The San Jordi Hipodromo was once home to Ibiza’s trotting races, a very popular sport on the island. These days you are more likely to encounter the huge outdoor arena for it’s famous Saturday market. The market is open to …

Ibiza Spirit Festival

Spirit Festival
Spirit Festival

Held in the beautiful gardens of Atzaró the Ibiza Spirit is an all day festival “Celebrating the Spirit of Ibiza in Dance, Consciousness & Love for all free spirits of Ibiza”. The festival highlights practices in yoga, meditation, tantra and healing. It features …




medevil festival

Free Festivals of Ibiza

THE FREE FESTIVALS OF IBIZA Ibiza's party spirit has stamped its identity on the world map. Long before Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling and Nicky Holloway...

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