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Carlos and Hector Vila / Avila make up 2Vilas. The duo met as youths, while working as apprentice technicians at Pacha. They instantly bonded over their shared love for electronic music. The young duo absorbed everything that the DJ booth of one of the worlds leading clubs and all who passed through it could teach them. It wasn’t long before they started organising their own events and started to become recognised as djs in their own right. 

Fast forward to 2022 and the duo are now at the musical controls as resident djs at Pacha. They run their own event (MTM) and hold events at Octan and Underground. Together they run a record store of the same name in Ibiza town. They also run a total of four vinyl only record labels (More Than Music, MTM Limited, Wax Isgud and Isla Records), which they produce and release music on as 2Vilas. It’s safe to say they have earned their underground credentials in the scene through their support for the music they sell in their store, through the music they produce and release on their various labels, and though their events and dj performances

The duo are low key, you won’t find most of their music on Spotify, as vinyl purists they hold true to their ideals but there are few DJs who can claim such prolific and multifaceted output as 2Vilas, they are pioneers of contemporary Balearic culture. Carlos, originally from Mallorca arrived in Ibiza as a teenager and Hector was born and raised in Ibiza, Ibicenco through and through. We wanted to ask Hector his thoughts on a changing Ibiza, the music scene and what it means to a native son of Ibiza. 

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Héctor, you were born and raised in Ibiza, a true Ibicenco. Ibiza has changed throughout your life, what are some of the things you miss about the Ibiza of your childhood and what things are better now in contemporary Ibiza? 

Well, I miss the freedom that existed before, the hippie way of doing things, and well, of contemporary Ibiza, I prefer the restaurants and dining culture, which has greatly improved.

Do you consider yourself Spanish, Catalan or Ibicenco? 

Ibizan and Spanish, in that order

As a DJ and promoter, you were directly affected by government policies in your industry, what are your thoughts on how the current administration dealt with it and could they have made things better?

I don’t understand why they banned after parties, and I don’t understand why they are forcing the use of sound limiters either, from the moment they started like this everything changed, and this only happens in the Balearic Islands, because in other cities in Spain and Europe it doesn’t happen the same….

What role do you think music and nightlife play in Ibiza and do you think other Ibicenco’s share your views?

Music and nightlife are everything for the island. There are beautiful beaches in many places, 5-star hotels and good restaurants just the same. But the musical concept of Ibiza, the way of expressing oneself and the feeling for music that has always existed on the island, you can’t find that feeling in other places and you would be surprised, that many of the older Ibicencos think the same as me.

How do you think the Ibiza music industry and nightlife can be supported and promoted in a sustainable way?

I think they could set up spaces and give more licenses and aid to the promoters who want to hold festivals in Ibiza, to help as they used to do with places like beaches or football pitches in the past, each year there were 6-7 events/festivals where the town hall helped to promote it and was part of it, as if it were a rock/pop concert. The same with the after parties, if there were any places in conditions like the old space. There would not be as many illegal parties in villas as there are every day…

What was your first introduction to electronic music in Ibiza and which Ibiza DJs and events influenced you? Which DJ’s in Ibiza do you consider to be the true architects of your interpretation of the Balearic sound (who were they, where did they play, why were they so prominent)?

My first introduction to music was DC10, Space Ibiza and Pacha. My influences above all come from the Romanians who played in Circoloco, like Pedro, Rhadoo, Raresh and Ricardo Villalobos. I also have influences from Space Ibiza from events like Monza Ibiza where artists like José De Divina or Tania Vulcano played, of course influences from the old Cocoon…

What other local DJs and producers do you think are contributing to the scene and who should we be looking out for? Are there any emerging Ibiza DJs or producers you’d like to mention?

On the island right now I would like to mention the work that Isbel, Jacobo Saavedra and Jay Nortown are doing. You can find their respective only Vinyl record labels in our store. Very good work on ALMA and SVDR.

Can you tell us what projects you are working on now (the store/the record label/the events)? Are you planning to go back to the studio soon? Where can we hear you playing and what do you have planned for the winter?

Right now we are working a lot with the store, and preparing the next releases MTMLTD12 and MORETHANMUSIC003. Regarding dj this Friday we are playing at VITALIK @ PIKES IBIZA, and this Sunday 28th we are at ENCORE @ Octan Ibiza together with Praslesh and Tania Vulcano. This winter, without a pandemic finally! We’ll be in the store, we’ll be back in the studio and for sure we’ll be playing a lot and organizing some events.

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