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Balearic Abstractions with Helen Sadler & NuNorthern Soul.

Balearic Abstractions with Helen Sadler & NuNorthern Soul.
Helen Sadler Art

NuNorthern Soul and artist Helen Sadler are collaborating on a new visual project to accompany the label’s releases this summer, Hints of Ibiza.        

Both label and artist reside on the White Isle, with the former releasing music partially inspired by the aesthetic and geography of the island, and the latter creating images that reflect the colours of Ibiza. This summer, every digital release from NuNorthern Soul will come accompanied by specially commissioned artwork by Sadler. These images combine brand-new sketches of iconic Ibiza architectural and natural landmarks with some of Sadler’s stunning abstract paintings, which were created to celebrate the vivid colours of one of the world’s most celebrated and storied islands.
Sadler’s Hints of Ibiza artwork will feature on eight NuNorthern Soul digital download releases over the course of the summer of 2021, including EPs from B.J Smith & Huw Costin, Marshall Watson and My Friend Dario. The releases will be available via the NuNorthern Soul Bandcamp and via a range of other digital download stores and streaming sites.
British artist Helen Sadler has long been associated with Ibiza. Based in the island’s old port, her beautiful abstract paintings draw inspiration from the natural light and colours of the Balearics. She has previously exhibited her work at El Hotel Pacha and Pikes Hotel.

NuNorthern Soul is a record label founded and managed by DJ, producer and music consultant Phil Cooper. The label was established in 2012, primarily to release textured, layered and picturesque music. When making a decision on whether to sign music for release, Cooper takes into consideration what it would sound like during his frequent sunset DJ sessions on the island of Ibiza, where he resides.

Helen Sadler Art
Helen Sadler Art

Instagram @helen.sadler for the abstract artwork. Instagram @helensadler_79 for the illustrations.


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