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Balearic Government Bans DJs

Francina Armengol
Francina Armengol

In a story titled Ibiza & The War On Culture a few months back we touched on the deliberate efforts made by the “socialist” government of the Balearics to use the pandemic to “change the model of tourism in Ibiza”. Many who work in the tourism sectors (which is all of us in some way or another), particularly the self employed will not have experienced a great deal of social support from this socialist government. In a bizarre move the PSOE led government has now proposed legislature under the guise of the health crisis measures to single out and ban an entire profession of artists that has already struggled throughout the pandemic with no support from the government. In an almost dark comedic announcement today the government has announced that they wish to ban djs in Ibiza. Yes you read that correctly, they are proposing a ban on djs in Ibiza.

DJ’s performance is an activity of entertainment by mechanical or electronic means typical of a party room, ballroom, café-concert, disco, and bar. Neither ambient music nor music in  live, so it is an activity that is not allowed by current regulations.

Consultation: 20210525-92 Territorial scope:

Balearic Islands Character: interpretative Rationale: Agreement of the Governing Council of 7 May 2021 partially modified by the Agreement of the Governing Council of 21 May  2021 Body: DGEI / Department of the Interior / ISPIB

DJ performances in venues Section XII.1.1 of Annex I of the Agreement of the Governing Council of 7 May 2021 approving the new Prevention Measures Plan  , Containment and Coordination to Cope with the Health Crisis Caused by the CO, the health alert levels to be applied to each of the islands are established and exceptional measures are established to prevent the transmission of COVID  -19 temporarily applicable to the islands, partially amended by the Agreement of the Governing Council of May 21, 2021 states that: XI.  Specific measures relating to tourist activities 1. Specific measures for the provision of the service in entertainment and catering establishments determined by Law 8/2012, of 19 July, on tourism in the Balearic Islands 1.1.  Conditions under which activity must be carried out in establishments engaged in the activity of catering and entertainment: Ambient music in establishments may not exceed 60 decibels.  – The activity of the establishments that carry out the activities of a party room, a ballroom, a café-concert, a nightclub and a bar is suspended.  This suspension does not affect the secondary restaurant activities (or main in the case of bars) that the establishments have in accordance with their enabling title, activities that must comply with the conditions established in this section.  Suspend, as well.  carrying out activities similar to those described in any other type of establishment, including Pont d’Inca (Marrats) esidencia .cati.es

Parties in swimming pools or in outdoor facilities of hotel establishments, as well as in sea boats (party boats or similar)) Cultural activities that regulate it are not considered included in this suspension.  section XI of this Plan.  -It is excepted from the suspension established in the previous paragraph the realization of cultural activities of live music in the establishments mentioned SL these establishments renounce to offer own services of leisure.nocturn.i.due carry out the activity in the conditions  which establishes Section XI of this Plan including the prohibition of eating and drinking indoors while.  produce this cultural activity.  The latter prohibition is generally established for any type of public open establishment.  Article 60 of Law 8/2012, of 19 July, on tourism in the Balearic Islands, refers to entertainment establishments, stating that they are classified as party halls, ballrooms, discos, cafes  concert, beach clubs, and any other as determined by regulations;  and it also defines their own activities.  Article 60.2 makes the following classification: a) Party rooms: these are the establishments that offer the public services consisting of presenting artistic, small theater, folk, erotic, choreographic, humorous, audiovisual, variety and attraction shows of any kind in  scene or track.  Public dance with the participation of attendees, enlivened by human participation or mechanical or electronic means.  b) Ballrooms: these are the establishments that offer a public dance service with the participation of attendees, entertained by human participation or mechanical or electronic means.  C) Discotheques: these are the establishments that organise public dance with the participation of the attendees, entertained exclusively by mechanical or electronic means.  d) Concert cafes: these are establishments that offer the public musical interventions through human participation or mechanical or electronic means without the participation of the public or any type of dance or show.  In conclusion, a DJ’s performance is an activity of entertainment by mechanical or electronic means typical of a party room, ballroom, café-concert, disco, and bar. Neither ambient music nor music in  lives, so it is an activity that is not allowed by current regulations.

Balearic Abstractions with Helen Sadler & NuNorthern Soul.

Helen Sadler Art
Helen Sadler Art

NuNorthern Soul and artist Helen Sadler are collaborating on a new visual project to accompany the label’s releases this summer, Hints of Ibiza.        

Both label and artist reside on the White Isle, with the former releasing music partially inspired by the aesthetic and geography of the island, and the latter creating images that reflect the colours of Ibiza. This summer, every digital release from NuNorthern Soul will come accompanied by specially commissioned artwork by Sadler. These images combine brand-new sketches of iconic Ibiza architectural and natural landmarks with some of Sadler’s stunning abstract paintings, which were created to celebrate the vivid colours of one of the world’s most celebrated and storied islands.
Sadler’s Hints of Ibiza artwork will feature on eight NuNorthern Soul digital download releases over the course of the summer of 2021, including EPs from B.J Smith & Huw Costin, Marshall Watson and My Friend Dario. The releases will be available via the NuNorthern Soul Bandcamp and via a range of other digital download stores and streaming sites.
British artist Helen Sadler has long been associated with Ibiza. Based in the island’s old port, her beautiful abstract paintings draw inspiration from the natural light and colours of the Balearics. She has previously exhibited her work at El Hotel Pacha and Pikes Hotel.

NuNorthern Soul is a record label founded and managed by DJ, producer and music consultant Phil Cooper. The label was established in 2012, primarily to release textured, layered and picturesque music. When making a decision on whether to sign music for release, Cooper takes into consideration what it would sound like during his frequent sunset DJ sessions on the island of Ibiza, where he resides.

Helen Sadler Art
Helen Sadler Art

Instagram @helen.sadler for the abstract artwork. Instagram @helensadler_79 for the illustrations.

Mark Broadbent interviews Dawn Hindle, Ryan O Gorman & Andy Wilson for Ditto TV

Pikes Ibiza Entrance
Pikes Ibiza in Spring

Mark Broadbent (former promoter of We Love and current promoter of Pikes On Sundays) interviews some of his good friends and long time Ibiza residents for Ditto TV’s Campfire series. Origin stories and anecdotes, the state of affairs and where it’s all going make up the chat in the gardens of Pikes on a spring afternoon.

Mark Broadbent Interviews Dawn Hindle

A friendship for more than 20 years, Mark and Dawn chat about what brought her to Ibiza, how Dawn transformed the nightclub scene on the Island, owning Pikes Hotel and her future projects.

Mark Broadbent Interviewing Ryan O Gorman

Ryan and Mark are colleagues and best friends, first meeting in a back of Manumission. Ryan shares his story – the beginnings of life in Co.Carlow, Ireland to present day as one of the leading free-party organisers on the island.

Mark Broadbent Interviews Andy Wilson

Andy Co-founder of Sonica Radio the leading dance music station in Ibiza. Mark explores Andy’s journey from worldwide travelling, DJing in some of the biggest club nights in Ibiza and personal stories on how the scene has evolved.

Dawn, Ryan, Andy – Favourite Ibiza Tracks

Mark’s guests pick a song each which means the most to them, and share with us why this reflects their Ibiza journey.

Mask exemption announced for the Balearics

Salinas Ibiza
Playa Salinas

The Balearic Minister of Health, Patricia Gómez, has announced today that in the Balearic Islands, that contrary to the previous announcements, it will not be necessary to wear a mask on beaches, swimming pools and natural spaces if you go to these places alone or only with a nucleus of coexistence. The Government and the ministry have agreed that the regulations that have come into force today are decontextualised at the current time of the pandemic.

The obligation dictated by the central government is on hold in the Balearic Islands for the moment and awaiting a new inter-territorial council next week. Several voices had requested that the Balearic Islands make exceptions to the regulations. Among them, the president of the Consell de Formentera, Alejandra Ferrer, who had demanded this Wednesday morning that the mandatory use of a mask on the beaches be “reconsidered”. The island president has assured that the norm published in the BOE goes “against” all the policies that have been carried out until now, when the autonomous communities, together with the municipalities, were “those in charge of making this type of decision in regarding restrictive measures related to covid-19 ” , he reported in a statement. For Ferrer, the mandatory use of a mask on the beach is a “disproportionate” measure, even more so in Formentera, “where most of the time, on the beaches and natural outdoor spaces, it can be guaranteed that people can walk with the necessary sanitary distance ”

Introducing Save Ibiza


It is with great pleasure we introduce you to Save Ibiza, our low cost, alternative guide to the white isle. We are firmly of the belief that some of the best experiences in Ibiza are inclusive and available to anyone who wishes to seek them out. Our belief is that the authentic Ibiza experience lies in discovering those hidden treasures. Ironically the more money people seem to spend, the blander their experience of the island can be. VIP culture is quite similar wherever you encounter it and this culture is quite a recent phenomenon in Ibiza. However the island’s real allure has brought visitors here for decades. Our aim is to bring some of the attention back to the original charm, spirit and culture of the island and to focus on those things that make this place so unique.

Tixido header 1

We are not claiming that one kind of tourism better than another, we are simply addressing the balance. Regardless of whether you are a millionaire or traveling on a budget we are confident our guide will paint you a more authentic and in depth picture of Ibiza. We feel it’s about choices and learning a little about the places you visit. The true spirit of Ibiza is inclusive and welcoming, historically it has maintained its diversity of visitors by not discriminating on socioeconomic background, age or nationality. So for many of us it seems like a step backwards to segregate ourselves with velvet ropes. We also feel that the commercialisation of Ibiza does not necessarily benefit the island as a whole, rather it lines the pockets of the few. Save Ibiza stands for homegrown, family and independent businesses. We have paid special attention to sustainable and eco tourism. Crucially for you the reader, we have created a useful guide to the best value options in all aspects of your visit to Ibiza, by this design alone we feel our guide is 100% unique.

In our guide you will find rustic restaurants, historic local bars and alternative music scenes, boutique hostals, eco hotels and affordable villas. There is a huge array of activities from watersports to organised walks, climbing and cliff diving. We also have an in depth guide to yoga retreats, spas and therapists of all kinds. We will help you find the best value places to SLEEP, EAT, DRINK, RAVE and REVIVE and help you leave Ibiza with a healthier mind, body and bank balance.



Help Save Ibiza



Hopefully you have read our introduction and you know what our alternative Ibiza guide is about by now, if not then please take a moment to read this. We envision our guide constantly evolving with the help of feedback from our readers. We have gone to great efforts to search out those special establishments with character and charm, places that offer great quality at reasonable prices. However despite our many years on the Island we are aware that there are always those hidden treasures that can so easily pass you by. That’s really the message at the heart of what our guide is about and that’s where you come in.

That little chiringuito on a secluded beach that serves the most amazing squid, the family run restaurant with the best home cooking, that hidden bar in the old town that people frequent late in the night, that little hotel so steeped in history, what ever it is that makes you feel like it could only exist in Ibiza, if it has it we want to hear about it.

Please send us your suggestions via our Facebook page so we get feedback from our followers. Save Ibiza is a democratic system.

Ibiza’s Best Value Retreats

yoga in ibiza

Ibiza has become a mecca for retreats of all shapes and sizes – a hard to navigate minefield of venues for the non VIP visitor with varying hours of activities and additional extras. We’ve come up with our pick of the best for those of you who don’t require a red rope around your yoga mat. All the following retreats are packed with value in terms of getting more yoga (or other activities) for your money.

Sunset Mountain Ibiza Retreats

Sunset Mountain retreats take place at a truly luscious sunset villa in Cala Tarida with everything included. That’s a vegetarian breakfast, lunch AND dinner so hidden extras or last minute re-mortgaging here; just enjoy your free massage and make like a yogi. There are no less than 5 hours of yoga a day that gives you an excellent practise to take home, including Asanas (steady poses)Pranayama (control of prana through breathing)Mudras (gestures)Bandhas (to lock and redirect the prana flow)Kryas (purification techniques)Dhyana (meditation techniques) and Mantras (chants and prayers). What more could you ask for? Beach time? There’s time for that too!

Prices start from 940€ for 7 days in the wooden bungalow.

Sunset Mountain retreats ibiza

Acroyoga Ibiza Retreats

Acroyoga Ibiza is just a crazy price for the amount of different activities that are packed into your stay, with practises and healing modalities well beyond the yoga mat. It’s If you like to keep yourself to your mat; it’s not for you, although maybe it’s just what you need! Acroyoga is designed to loosen you up and let go of inhibitions, perfect for those who are a little more adventurous in your wellness pursuits. The invitation is to come together as a group, drop the ego and let go, with things like ecstatic dance on the menu – dancing without drugs, drink or shoes, or aguahara which is a healing water journey. After getting to know yourself and experiencing your retreat-mates on this level you will definitely leave like a new person.

Prices start from 520€ for 6 nights

Acroyoga Ibiza Retreats Ibiza

Samskara Ibiza Retreats

Samskara is the new retreat baby on the island specifically providing an affordable yogic break that doesn’t scrimp on style or substance. Set in the hills by Cala San Vincente means magical sunset views from the yoga and meditation deck and the old skool finca vibes makes unwinding easy in beautiful homely surroundings.  June, July and Aug are pure yoga B&B, so instead of rinsing you out during the peak months your bank manager will be happy and you get a once daily morning class and brekkie for a steal. There are some seriously big names landing this summer, and in house retreats Re-Set Body Re-form Re-Treat with Olivia Peets of Religiously Nutritious retreat and Re-set the Mind Set with Ross Stephenson. 

Prices start from 65€ B&B and 627€ for retreats.

Samskara Ibiza Retreats

The Love Life and Live Love Ibiza Retreats

The Love Life and Live Love retreat just had to be mentioned because they offer a great all in price for the whole family. Introducing your children to yoga from an early age can only be beneficial, and it’s amazing to see them slowly calming down and a coming to rest on the mat. Not only that but they get to do martial arts and make a short film. We think Dad might get jealous and throw his yoga mat out the pram, but actually both will be occupied with 2 yoga classes a day. The price includes veggie food and smoothies so you won’t be going hungry.

Prices start from 1580€ for 6 nights for 2 parents and 1 child

The Love Life and Live Love Ibiza Retreats

The Lotus Pad Ibiza Retreats

The Lotus Pad Ibiza do brilliant value yoga B&B and is perfect for those who need a quick fix getaway and don’t have the time, wonga or inclination for more. Set in an old farmhouse with basic but comfortable rooms, it’s not about room service or expensive décor. It’s about kicking back, unwinding and appreciating the simple things in life. Rooms are per person and all are shared, and like Sanskara they keep prices the same all year to avoid the painful August rip off. They also offer good value retreats with Wendy’s slow flow asana sessions every morning, plus things like meditation and sound healing with mantra chanting, and host to other visiting retreats.

Prices start from 360€ for 3 nights

Our full list of retreats can be seen here

Artyogi mats for the creative yogi – full range here


Into Ibiza’s Nature

ibiza nature
Ibiza nature activities

Ibiza is known in clubbing circles as the clubber’s paradise, but the hikers of the world know something different – her intricately carved coastlines and secret trails have their own special magic. I’ve been coming to Ibiza since I was baby and my folks were never content with a simple visit to the beach; we always had to walk around the cliffs. I grew up with a million beautiful memories and the ever present urge to walk the cliffs or climb the mountain. So in addition to my parent’s favourite places I have discovered my own little island treats, and different ways to experience them. Here are 5 of my favourite ways to enjoy Ibiza’s magnificent nature.


Sunset drive along the salt flats

These dazzling natural salt flats allowed the first settlers to make a buck and put Ibiza on the trading map. I always make a point of driving along at sunset when the blue grey mountains and pink swathed sky are reflected in the shimmering pools of water. Stop at the supermarket on the Salinas road and follow the little road through the salt flats to C’ap des Falco where you can park up and picnic by the pebble beach. There are 210 differents species of birds have been registered in the park. Particularly important are it´s populations of water birds, including flamingos, the black-winged stilt, the shelduck, the snowy plover and sea birds like Audouin´s gull and the Balearic shearwater. The Formentera salt lake known as Pudent has one of the biggest concentrations of black-necked. Other animals worth mentioning in the park´s on-land areas include the lizard and several unique native species of snails and beetles.


Walking the cliffs at Es Vedra

Join one of Ibiza’s walking groups for an epic stroll with bird’s eye views of Ibiza’s legendary rock that you you’re unlikely to experience if left to your own devices. Looking down the cliffs at the secret beach of Atlantis with its bright blue rock pools and emerald seas is truly beautiful. If going solo, park up your car on the cliffs before you hit Cala d’Hort and follow your nose. The cave is worth finding, and searching for it is part of the fun.

Find out more about walking in Ibiza

Free diving & cliff diving

Why not experience Ibiza’s magical waters on a different level, with a group free diving session for you and your pals. With no tank of oxygen, simply hold your breath and allow True Blue Experiences to guide you on an underwater journey you won’t forget, post dive high included. Enjoy the rejuvenating effects of water and see some of the island’s best kept underwater secrets including tunnels, lava holes and caves.

Find out more about cliff diving   & free diving


Paddle surfing around Cala Conta

Get in the zone whilst working that core baby! Paddle surfing not only keeps you fit and gets you tanned – it’s a meditation in itself as you have to be so mindful and focus on the present. Driving to the right of Cala Conta and Cala Tarida you can discover a wealth of gorgeous little coves with sea-flung rocks to paddle around. Immerse yourself in nature but don’t fall off when a motor boat flies past. If you don’t have a board you can hire one from Talamanca or Cala Martina for the price of a water at Space.

Find out more about paddle boarding in Ibiza

Dolphin spotting boat trip to Formentera

When you’re feeling the heat and fancy an escape, head to Formentera’s sun splashed shores with aqua marine waters and craggy coastlines. These waters are home to several dolphin families, and although spotting one isn’t guaranteed, it’s good fun looking. Aqua bus do brilliant value trips on their open top boat, and once in Formentera you can hire a pedal bike if you haven’t experienced enough wind in your hair.

Find out more about dolphin spotting in Ibiza

Thank you to Alejandro Iborra for the spectacular time lapse films of Ibiza

If you are interested in supporting the natural beauty of Ibiza then visit www.ibizapreservationfund.org

ibiza preservation fund logo

By Esther Nicklin. More from Esther at www.awakeninibiza.com

Free Festivals of Ibiza

medevil festival
medevil festival ibiza


Ibiza’s party spirit has stamped its identity on the world map. Long before Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling and Nicky Holloway met Alfredo and even before the hippies and the beatniks came to let their hair down in Ibiza, there has been vibrant celebrations throughout the year in every corner of this little island. Each town finds their namesake from their given church and patron saint and each of those towns has it’s own day of celebration. These fiestas are a fantastic way to experience local culture. Some of these festivals have grown in size over the years and are now quite large scale events, some are still very quaint and local. On an island that is overrun with tourists it’s worth appreciating that the smaller fiestas are a rare occasion for the natives to socialise with their community and should be respected with that in mind. Below we have featured some of the larger traditional events and some of the more contemporary free festivals which have sprung up in recent years.


5-9 May

Step into the Middle Ages and see battles re-enacted on the ramparts, damsels in distress, snake charmers and wizards working their magic behind the walls of Dalt Vila. Crafts are demonstrated in Vara de Rey while the medieval market stalls are packed with delicious things to try, as the smells and sights transport you back to yesteryear. Up in the old town is a riotous hoot with folks dressed in traditional costume – acrobats compete for space with knights, little old ladies weave baskets and just watch your head when the falcons fly past. It’s an action packed day out for all the family that really will blow you away.
Kick off is Thursday 5 May 18.00 at Reina Sofia Park, with the opening show & medieval tournament at 21.30. The market runs 6 – 9 May from 10am.


21 June

See San Carlos transformed into one massive street party to celebrating the International Music Festival and summer solstice. It’s a fun day out for all the family, with 150 artists from all over the world performing on several outdoor stages, with music of all genres both live and electronic. With storytelling and clowns for the kids, there’s something for everyone including arts, crafts and local products, plus loads of yummy stuff to eat and drink. Drink in the fun filled festival vibes and enjoy the usually quite village of San Carlos like you’ve never seen it before. Entry is free www.sancarlosmusicfestival.com



June  23 – 24

Celebrate the summer solstice with the San Juan fiesta, with bonfires and fireworks on 23 June, and the Patron Saint’s day of San Juan the day after. After mass there’s a procession through San Juan, and after night fall bonfires are lit. It’s then down to you to jump over them to chase away evil spirits and welcome in the summer. Make merry and enjoy traditional folk dancing and live music, and check out the macaroon contest! San Juan is more rammed than Pacha’s VIP, but there are bonfires all over the island so you won’t be disappointed.


June tbc

BE-AT.TV & legendary radio station Ibiza Sonica team up to bring you a free open air party in the Old Port of Ibiza. With past sets from Igor Marijuan, Guy Gerber & Nic Fanciulli the free festival offers an impressive line up, you can be sure this year the front strip is set to be heaving with a few thousand party heads soaking up the late afternoon sun and rocking into evening. Whilst you may find yourself gawping at the super yachts lining the port, congratulate yourself you haven’t spent a penny to be there, whereas they have spent plenty. Their owners will probably be enjoying the beats from the top deck while you will be getting stuck in on the dancefloor aka the street, with the beautiful back drop of Dalt Vila behind you.




July 15 – 19

This colourful fiesta honours the patron saint of sailors, and while the main action takes place in Ibiza Town there are also festivities in Portinatx and Es Cubells. The statue of Our Lady Carmen is taken from the Church of San Telmo, carried through the harbour accompanied by the Sta Eulalia brass band and taken out to sea in a huge sea procession around the coast. Prayers are said for the safety of our fishermen and sailors, and of course no Ibiza fiesta would be complete without folk dancing, drinking and being merry.



Aug 22 – 24

The fiesta day for the patron saint of San Agustin is particularly special. After mass at 7pm there’s a procession and the festival vibes kick in around 9.30pm. This tiny village really pulls the stops out in terms of entertainment and atmosphere, with live and electronic music going on until the early hours. Expect the likes of the The Frigolas and other much loved Ibiza bands playing live under the stars; they’ve even been known to play drum and bass! There are performances and various activities to keep you entertained, and rest assured you’ll be in good company as Ibiza will be out in force.




Oct 24

Sant Rafel’s fiesta is always buzzing with activity, as locals and visitors alike get together to munch on the local pork and rice dish – arroz de Matanzas – and enjoy sweet pastries called buñuelos, all washed down with some local vino. The month of October sees sports competitions and games, plus traditional dances all happening in the village, with the main festivities occurring on 24 October to honour of the patron saint San Rafel Arcangel.


Dec 14

The San Mateo wine festival is well known as the cause of many a sickie and hangover in the weeks before Christmas. Previous years have seen over 500 litres of wine drunk and more than 200 kilos of sobrasada devoured by hungry visitors. It has been going for over 25 years and started as a meeting between friends to show just how good San Mateu’s wine and sobrasada is. Everyone clearly enjoyed the wine and the yearly meeting grew and grew to include live and electronic music and dancing – both traditional and otherwise. They have even been known to play some drum and bass. The December timing means you will be drinking home made wine to keep warm, so we suggest a few layers to ease the aftermath.

Ibiza’s Healing Festivals


If you’re in need of healing mind, body or soul, and are open to learning about healing then Ibiza has some very special festivals complete with live and electronic music. These all day events allow you to indulge in different healing treatments, take part in workshops and generally dip into the spiritual side of the island and still come home with change from a 50.


8 May

This is a festival of healing, music, performance and art, with 12 hours to check out 12 interactive and inspirational zones, and a brilliant musical sound track including live and electronic music by Ibiza classics and new faces. Interactive workshops take place throughout the day, alongside 1 on 1 mind, body and soul treatments in the Healing Garden, plus group healing sessions and drop in talks at the Immersive healing Zone and Market. The invitation is to inspire the imagination to imagine the world you want to create, at a time when much of the world is in crisis. The timetable is packed with new activities to feed your imaginations – yoga, qi gong, tai chi, meditations – and gorgeous Atzaro food to feed hungry bellies! It’s all about being creative and getting stuck in so expect lots of fun things to do like creating an enormous mandala with Madhalsa Mandalas and painting a huge flower of life the Spiritual Art Community from House Life-Blossoms.

11amdoors open, with the official opening ceremony at 12, closing ceremony at 8pm followed by the headline act until 11pm. Entry is by donation, supporting various Ibiza charities.


FB: Healing Ibiza

Healing Ibiza Revisited


Sunday 2 October, 11am to 8pm

The Ibiza Spirit Festival is all about being the change you want to see, with beautiful workshops and events happening all day, including singing, dance, tantra, therapies, talks, yoga, meditation and natural food & drink. The people and healers of Ibiza come together in the spirit of love for a day of celebration and inspiration, sharing in the joy of your true spirit by opening hearts and minds to new ways of thinking and being. The aim is to create a day of joyous celebration that shows you how beautiful life can be; how together you can generate the energy for positive transformation in yourselves and in the world. The festival allows you to try different healing modalities and treatments and learn from those further down the path. The late summer date makes it a beautiful wind down after summer, and is a great way to make like a local.  The Ibiza Spirit Festival is a non-profit organization, and all of the proceeds are used to support this event and other charities in Ibiza.


Facebook Page: Ibiza Spirit Festival

Facebook Group: Ibiza Spirit Community

Entrance is by donation.

people doing yoga
Ibiza Spirit Festival


Dates to be announced.

The Wake Up Ibiza Festival was born from the success of the Mandala Garden, The Zoo Project’s chill out zone complete with drum circles, meditation, tarot, massage and more. The idea was to tempt the ravers into a more tranquil healing zone and sow the seeds of meditation and the other practises and services available. Imagine the Mandala Garden twenty times bigger, with a huge range of therapists sharing their gifts and healing techniques with live music and electronic sounds. Think sacred drumming, healing therapies, yoga and meditations. There are talks and workshops for harnessing your energy, channelling and all sorts of classes yet to be confirmed, in the unique setting of Zoo Project.


FB: Wake Up Ibiza

Words by Esther Nicklin

Main image courtesy of Alex Grey




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