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2Vilas The Real Ibiza DJs


2Vilas  Interview 

Carlos and Hector Vila / Avila make up 2Vilas. The duo met as youths, while working as apprentice technicians at Pacha. They instantly bonded over their shared love for electronic music. The young duo absorbed everything that the DJ booth of one of the worlds leading clubs and all who passed through it could teach them. It wasn’t long before they started organising their own events and started to become recognised as djs in their own right. 

Fast forward to 2022 and the duo are now at the musical controls as resident djs at Pacha. They run their own event (MTM) and hold events at Octan and Underground. Together they run a record store of the same name in Ibiza town. They also run a total of four vinyl only record labels (More Than Music, MTM Limited, Wax Isgud and Isla Records), which they produce and release music on as 2Vilas. It’s safe to say they have earned their underground credentials in the scene through their support for the music they sell in their store, through the music they produce and release on their various labels, and though their events and dj performances

The duo are low key, you won’t find most of their music on Spotify, as vinyl purists they hold true to their ideals but there are few DJs who can claim such prolific and multifaceted output as 2Vilas, they are pioneers of contemporary Balearic culture. Carlos, originally from Mallorca arrived in Ibiza as a teenager and Hector was born and raised in Ibiza, Ibicenco through and through. We wanted to ask Hector his thoughts on a changing Ibiza, the music scene and what it means to a native son of Ibiza. 

Ibiza DJs

Héctor, you were born and raised in Ibiza, a true Ibicenco. Ibiza has changed throughout your life, what are some of the things you miss about the Ibiza of your childhood and what things are better now in contemporary Ibiza? 

Well, I miss the freedom that existed before, the hippie way of doing things, and well, of contemporary Ibiza, I prefer the restaurants and dining culture, which has greatly improved.

Do you consider yourself Spanish, Catalan or Ibicenco? 

Ibizan and Spanish, in that order

As a DJ and promoter, you were directly affected by government policies in your industry, what are your thoughts on how the current administration dealt with it and could they have made things better?

I don’t understand why they banned after parties, and I don’t understand why they are forcing the use of sound limiters either, from the moment they started like this everything changed, and this only happens in the Balearic Islands, because in other cities in Spain and Europe it doesn’t happen the same….

What role do you think music and nightlife play in Ibiza and do you think other Ibicenco’s share your views?

Music and nightlife are everything for the island. There are beautiful beaches in many places, 5-star hotels and good restaurants just the same. But the musical concept of Ibiza, the way of expressing oneself and the feeling for music that has always existed on the island, you can’t find that feeling in other places and you would be surprised, that many of the older Ibicencos think the same as me.

How do you think the Ibiza music industry and nightlife can be supported and promoted in a sustainable way?

I think they could set up spaces and give more licenses and aid to the promoters who want to hold festivals in Ibiza, to help as they used to do with places like beaches or football pitches in the past, each year there were 6-7 events/festivals where the town hall helped to promote it and was part of it, as if it were a rock/pop concert. The same with the after parties, if there were any places in conditions like the old space. There would not be as many illegal parties in villas as there are every day…

What was your first introduction to electronic music in Ibiza and which Ibiza DJs and events influenced you? Which DJ’s in Ibiza do you consider to be the true architects of your interpretation of the Balearic sound (who were they, where did they play, why were they so prominent)?

My first introduction to music was DC10, Space Ibiza and Pacha. My influences above all come from the Romanians who played in Circoloco, like Pedro, Rhadoo, Raresh and Ricardo Villalobos. I also have influences from Space Ibiza from events like Monza Ibiza where artists like José De Divina or Tania Vulcano played, of course influences from the old Cocoon…

What other local DJs and producers do you think are contributing to the scene and who should we be looking out for? Are there any emerging Ibiza DJs or producers you’d like to mention?

On the island right now I would like to mention the work that Isbel, Jacobo Saavedra and Jay Nortown are doing. You can find their respective only Vinyl record labels in our store. Very good work on ALMA and SVDR.

Can you tell us what projects you are working on now (the store/the record label/the events)? Are you planning to go back to the studio soon? Where can we hear you playing and what do you have planned for the winter?

Right now we are working a lot with the store, and preparing the next releases MTMLTD12 and MORETHANMUSIC003. Regarding dj this Friday we are playing at VITALIK @ PIKES IBIZA, and this Sunday 28th we are at ENCORE @ Octan Ibiza together with Praslesh and Tania Vulcano. This winter, without a pandemic finally! We’ll be in the store, we’ll be back in the studio and for sure we’ll be playing a lot and organizing some events.

Readers can add themselves to Pikes guest list for this Friday here

Grace Jones
Vitalik At Pikes

Luca Averna joins the Social Local Ibiza series

Luca Averna Social Local Ibiza Podcast

Follow our itunes podcast for mixes from the finest Balearic selectors here or stream on soundcloud here

For the latest edition of our Social Local podcast series we welcome Ibiza resident Luca Averna. Luca is a dj and producer who has called Ibiza his home for the past 8 years. He’s career as a performer and producer dates back to 2010 but he has had a lifelong love affair with music. This Portogruaro (Venice) native forged an eclectic taste and a wide musical knowledge.  From an early age, he was a regular of many clubs and record shops around Italy. From an early age, he was a regular of many clubs and record shops around Italy. This is reflected in his mixes and in his productions. 

His many years as a collector and a selector have cemented his place among the next generation of Balearic tastemaker. Despite the challenges the world has faced these last two years, in 2020 Luca maintained his summer dj residency at the Pikes Hotel. In 2019 he was chosen as a dj resident at the visually imposing 7 Pines hotel, where he soundtracked the mythical sunsets of Cala Comte. It is here that he shared the decks with the legendary Chris Coco and continued to perfect the noble art of bidding farewell to the sun to usher in the night.

That same year he formed the group Residentes Balearicos, together with Alessandro Doretto. The duo released their productions on prestigious labels such as Music For Dreams and Archipelago Records. Quickly the songs of Residents Balearicos flooded the playlist of djs around the world. By 2021 they have confirmed releases on Live at Robert Johnson, Cala Tarida Music, Wiskey Pickley and Balearic Ensemble.

Since 2016, he can be heard selecting music in spaces such as Café del Mar, Sankeys, Zoo Project, Pikes, Casa Maca, Kumharas, Ocean Hotel and Hostal la Torre. At the same time as these performances, once a month he celebrates HOMIES at the legendary Pikes Hotel with his musical partners Camilo Miranda and Christian Len.

HOMIES was born in 2016 as a  different proposal from the super-clubs of the island. Providing music without genres or labels, to dance as if you were in your living room. Currently HOMIES maintains its monthly residence in Ibiza and in the off-season, it becomes an itinerant event with dates in Barcelona, Amsterdam,  Madrid and all around Europe. In 2020 the collective diversified even more, transforming the brand into a record label “vinyl only” , releasing edits by the hand of some of the collaborators that are part of the universe HOMIES.

To better understand the DNA of Luca Averna’s sound, you have to go back to the mid-1990s. After his time at the record distributor Musical Box, he founded the record label NOHO with Sagats; and joined the collective The Sound Of Brenta. Beginning a period of important learning in production and composition of electronic music, with instruments and synthesizers 100% analog and inspired by the sound of Detroit House and Techno. 

In 2010 he became a full-time musician. Under the pseudonym of Jay Green, he went into the first tours in Europe and performed at Panorama Bar in Berlin. Those who cannot be lucky enough to listen to Luca Averna in his live sessions can connect with his signature style through his residencies on the radio shows he hosts monthly for Rocket Radio Verona (El Bullit Sonico), 1btn Radio and Ibiza Sonica with the Homies crew.

Follow our itunes podcast for mixes from the finest Balearic selectors here or stream on soundcloud here

Return Of The Ibiza Light Festival

Ibiza Light Festival
Ibiza Light Festival. The Inside Out Edition 2021

The Ibiza Light Festival make their long anticipated return for this, their 5th edition. From Friday 22 to Saturday 23 October they will be illuminating the the historic old town of Ibiza, the festival is held within the walls of Dalt Vila and is a truly unique way to view the Unesco world heritage site. A multi-sensory extravaganza for all ages to enjoy.

Installations at this year’s festival will be created by: Improbable Films, Hypnótica, PiroLaser FX, Ataraxia, MadVisuals_Team, Jordi 8Lasco-El Imaginario, ACROBATI-K, Victor Vitorino and Pedro Comesaña.

Installations are a mixture of video mapping, 3D light projection, light sculptures, interactive installations and theatrical performance. The 12 main installations will illuminate around 4500 sqm of facades and surfaces 

The festival is divided into two time slots, the first show is from 20 to 22 h and the second show from 22 to 24 h. In any case, the entry of the first show will not be allowed later than 9.30 pm, and the second show, later than 11.30 pm.

Tours are free but it is essential to pre-book in advance at www.eivissa.es.

More info at https://www.ibizalightfestival.com/

3D Light Projection
Ibiza Light Festival

Trouble in paradise, the changing face of Ibiza

Private Jet
Ibiza Private Jetset

We are living in strange times. The world has undergone huge upheaval, the winds of change have travelled far and wide since the pandemic hit us in 2019. Here on our little island of Ibiza we have felt that change acutely. Not just because we rely on international tourism so much but crucially it was the catalyst for what some would say was the inevitable gentrification of Ibiza. Perhaps gentrification isn’t the best term to describe what is happening in Ibiza right now but there is a definite sense of hyper capitalisation and elitism by design. Exclusion of ordinary people to make room for the superrich. While many Ibiza veterans fled the island due to the closure of the tourist industries in the first weeks of lockdown, Ibiza recorded record landings of private jets at the airport. Ironically it has been the “socialists” who have been the ones driving this train full steam ahead. There is a palpable feeling of social conservatism and moral outrage towards the kind of personal freedoms people have enjoyed in Ibiza for decades but a very willing acceptance for high net tourism, indeed the very essence of what made Ibiza a safe haven not just from the strong arm of fascism on the peninsula but for people seeking refuge from oppressive or conservative societies the world over, this is now being eroded, eradicated! The hippies are no longer welcome, unless of course they are of high net worth, very important hippies, “Vippies” if you like. It was Franco who very successfully developed the tourist industry that financially vitalised Spain, but in particular the Balearic Islands which had little to no industry, this brought huge waves of International tourism of all socio economic backgrounds due the the devaluation of the peseta. The resulting affordable and accessible tourism made Ibiza somewhat of a social melting pot. In this little safe haven from the mainland the international Jetset rubbed shoulders with working class ravers, age, gender, class, sexuality, nationality was all equal on the dance floor. In reality Ibiza led the way in inclusivity, a true egalitarian utopia. Many of those who visited Ibiza on affordable family holidays returned as clubbers later (on average a clubber spend twice as much money in Ibiza as regular tourists) those clubbers then return years later with their families and the cycle continues, Ibiza had something to offer everyone, this is crucial.

95% of the economy in Ibiza is generated from tourism, it’s safe to say all of Ibiza’s inhabitants are either here as tourists or residents making a living from tourism in some direct or indirect way. So the decisions the government makes to “change the model of tourism” effect us all profoundly. The role of music, events and clubs in the success of Ibiza as a tourist destination can’t be overstated, this is well documented. However much of the politicians brush over this and like to talk about our great beaches and nature as being an alternative tourist attraction to the leisure industry, as true as that may be, we have beautiful beaches and nature but those things are not unique to Ibiza, our musical heritage and club culture is what is unique to Ibiza, this is what made our little island world famous. This is a cold hard fact wether they like it or not.

The true consequences of this experiment in changing the model of tourism may not be seen for for some time. What did become immediately apparent during the pandemic was then when tourists were allowed to return and the leisure industry was not there to entertain the masses, there were huge infrastructural problems policing beaches and areas of natural beauty, this is inevitably what happens when you commodify your nature, it can no longer be preserved. There was hysteria in the press about illegal villa parties and organised crime without a mention that this may perhaps be a byproduct of legal venues being prevented from operating, did prohibition teach us nothing? There was a kind of cognitive dissonance on the part of the politicians pushing their agenda, wilfully oblivious to the consequences. Pushing for new emergency laws to enter private residences instead of addressing the elephant in the room and working with licensed venues to help them reopen safe controlled spaces that have done this safely for decades. It’s almost as if there is some other agenda.

There is a strange dichotomy in the press in Ibiza, today I read the announcement by Pepe Roselló is re-opening Space as a restaurant. This announcement has been met with huge enthusiasm by the media despite the fact Roselló has been writing weekly articles denouncing any club activity that happens outside the confines night clubs for years, the irony was missed apparently. I can appreciate Roselló’s bitterness at having his life’s work taken from him when Matutes refused to renew his lease. This was watershed moment in the history of Ibiza, it marked the changing of the guard, the corporatization of Ibiza’s most beloved institution. Clubs once the vision of the individual were being replaced by boards and shareholders as we would see with Pacha following suit. 

As the plot thickens it may well be the presence of Matutes group in the night life sector that ultimately preserves it, albeit in a much more commercial incarnation. Back in 2008 when the PSOE last took power their first order of business was to shut down the clubs, they shut down Amnesia, Bora Bora and most notably DC10, whom they were determined to shut down permanently. DC10’s owners Sito and Antonio Lara fought this case vehemently, they took it to the high court and won their case based on unfair competition, citing noise levels from Ushuaia directly. Without Goliath there may well be no David. Today while I read about the fantastic sausages and octopus that will be keeping the spirit of Space alive at Space the restaurant I scroll to the next story to read San Jose council are denouncing DC10 for noise disturbance and for not enforcing the wearing of masks. This has been widely condemned in the same newspaper. 

It’s clear Ibiza is suffering from an identity crisis, she wants your money but she wants it on her terms, she wants your minimum spend upfront but she wants you to sit at your table quietly and shut your mouth. She wants to preserve her nature but she wants to shill it as a mass tourist attraction too. She wants you to visit her beautiful beaches but she wants to monitor you with biometric surveillance when you do. She wants to charge you excessively but does’t want your excess. It would appear she wants her cake and she wants to eat it. 

However appearances can be deceiving, a recent interview with the president of the Consell d’Eivissa, Vicent Marí, would indicate that these decisions on nightlife are not necessarily those of the Ibiza government, rather that of the autonomous government of the Balearics, the word of Palma it would appear, is final. Although Francina Armengol Presidenta del Govern de les Illes Balears it is reported, enjoyed late night drinking session during the strictest period of the lockdown, it would seem that she and her party believe that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable for the rest of us, not just during the pandemic but in perpetuity, “do as I say, not as I do”. It should be noted that Mallorca have had some success with changing their model or tourism. They divested in night leisure and invested in their massive marine tourism industry with positive results. However nobody could rationally compare the music and club culture of Ibiza to that of Mallorca, anyone who does fundamentally does not understand the culture of this island and therein lies the problem. These decisions being made in Palma are from people who don’t understand the unique model of our tourism, there is a reason why people pay twice as much as money per person to stay in Ibiza than Mallorca and it’s not the beaches. Ibiza’s rich social and musical culture is a huge asset that the powers that be refuse to acknowledge.  

It gave some me hope to read the common sense that Vicent Marí outlined in his interview, addressing the problems that the closure of our “leisure industry” has caused. However he pointed out that “leisure is important but it has to be leisure without excesses”. Which I guess brings us back to the imposed morality of a socially conservative government, how we are permitted to enjoy ourselves and who will be tolerated here. It’s important we make it understood that our musical and club heritage has huge cultural value to everyone on this island regardless of wether you are personally a fan of it or not. More importantly we need our voices heard that we won’t have our personal lives dictated to by government, they can no longer use their emergency pandemic powers to restrict our movements, to lock us in our houses, to stop us from dancing or tell us what is acceptable for us to do in our private lives. Times have changed, we have over 70% vaccination rate and are reaching heard immunity, the world has turned and we are finally seeing an end to two years of sacrifice, hardship and isolation. Winstone Churchills famous quote “never let a good crises go to waste” was certainly not missed by the current administration. But there is a silent majority who don’t agree with this new agenda, people who feel Lio and DC10 can exist on the same island, people who want to return to their regular work and not simply be slaves to the rich, they wan’t to afford to enjoy to the places they used meet, eat, drink and dance. They don’t want moral governance and they certainly don’t want their futures determined by politicians in Palma. Make your voices heard on social media or make them heard at the poles if they refuse to listen. There is scope for many different types of tourism in Ibiza, eradicating the demographic that has sustained it could have irreversible consequences.

Balearic Government Bans DJs

Francina Armengol
Francina Armengol

In a story titled Ibiza & The War On Culture a few months back we touched on the deliberate efforts made by the “socialist” government of the Balearics to use the pandemic to “change the model of tourism in Ibiza”. Many who work in the tourism sectors (which is all of us in some way or another), particularly the self employed will not have experienced a great deal of social support from this socialist government. In a bizarre move the PSOE led government has now proposed legislature under the guise of the health crisis measures to single out and ban an entire profession of artists that has already struggled throughout the pandemic with no support from the government. In an almost dark comedic announcement today the government has announced that they wish to ban djs in Ibiza. Yes you read that correctly, they are proposing a ban on djs in Ibiza.

DJ’s performance is an activity of entertainment by mechanical or electronic means typical of a party room, ballroom, café-concert, disco, and bar. Neither ambient music nor music in  live, so it is an activity that is not allowed by current regulations.

Consultation: 20210525-92 Territorial scope:

Balearic Islands Character: interpretative Rationale: Agreement of the Governing Council of 7 May 2021 partially modified by the Agreement of the Governing Council of 21 May  2021 Body: DGEI / Department of the Interior / ISPIB

DJ performances in venues Section XII.1.1 of Annex I of the Agreement of the Governing Council of 7 May 2021 approving the new Prevention Measures Plan  , Containment and Coordination to Cope with the Health Crisis Caused by the CO, the health alert levels to be applied to each of the islands are established and exceptional measures are established to prevent the transmission of COVID  -19 temporarily applicable to the islands, partially amended by the Agreement of the Governing Council of May 21, 2021 states that: XI.  Specific measures relating to tourist activities 1. Specific measures for the provision of the service in entertainment and catering establishments determined by Law 8/2012, of 19 July, on tourism in the Balearic Islands 1.1.  Conditions under which activity must be carried out in establishments engaged in the activity of catering and entertainment: Ambient music in establishments may not exceed 60 decibels.  – The activity of the establishments that carry out the activities of a party room, a ballroom, a café-concert, a nightclub and a bar is suspended.  This suspension does not affect the secondary restaurant activities (or main in the case of bars) that the establishments have in accordance with their enabling title, activities that must comply with the conditions established in this section.  Suspend, as well.  carrying out activities similar to those described in any other type of establishment, including Pont d’Inca (Marrats) esidencia .cati.es

Parties in swimming pools or in outdoor facilities of hotel establishments, as well as in sea boats (party boats or similar)) Cultural activities that regulate it are not considered included in this suspension.  section XI of this Plan.  -It is excepted from the suspension established in the previous paragraph the realization of cultural activities of live music in the establishments mentioned SL these establishments renounce to offer own services of leisure.nocturn.i.due carry out the activity in the conditions  which establishes Section XI of this Plan including the prohibition of eating and drinking indoors while.  produce this cultural activity.  The latter prohibition is generally established for any type of public open establishment.  Article 60 of Law 8/2012, of 19 July, on tourism in the Balearic Islands, refers to entertainment establishments, stating that they are classified as party halls, ballrooms, discos, cafes  concert, beach clubs, and any other as determined by regulations;  and it also defines their own activities.  Article 60.2 makes the following classification: a) Party rooms: these are the establishments that offer the public services consisting of presenting artistic, small theater, folk, erotic, choreographic, humorous, audiovisual, variety and attraction shows of any kind in  scene or track.  Public dance with the participation of attendees, enlivened by human participation or mechanical or electronic means.  b) Ballrooms: these are the establishments that offer a public dance service with the participation of attendees, entertained by human participation or mechanical or electronic means.  C) Discotheques: these are the establishments that organise public dance with the participation of the attendees, entertained exclusively by mechanical or electronic means.  d) Concert cafes: these are establishments that offer the public musical interventions through human participation or mechanical or electronic means without the participation of the public or any type of dance or show.  In conclusion, a DJ’s performance is an activity of entertainment by mechanical or electronic means typical of a party room, ballroom, café-concert, disco, and bar. Neither ambient music nor music in  lives, so it is an activity that is not allowed by current regulations.

Balearic Abstractions with Helen Sadler & NuNorthern Soul.

Helen Sadler Art
Helen Sadler Art

NuNorthern Soul and artist Helen Sadler are collaborating on a new visual project to accompany the label’s releases this summer, Hints of Ibiza.        

Both label and artist reside on the White Isle, with the former releasing music partially inspired by the aesthetic and geography of the island, and the latter creating images that reflect the colours of Ibiza. This summer, every digital release from NuNorthern Soul will come accompanied by specially commissioned artwork by Sadler. These images combine brand-new sketches of iconic Ibiza architectural and natural landmarks with some of Sadler’s stunning abstract paintings, which were created to celebrate the vivid colours of one of the world’s most celebrated and storied islands.
Sadler’s Hints of Ibiza artwork will feature on eight NuNorthern Soul digital download releases over the course of the summer of 2021, including EPs from B.J Smith & Huw Costin, Marshall Watson and My Friend Dario. The releases will be available via the NuNorthern Soul Bandcamp and via a range of other digital download stores and streaming sites.
British artist Helen Sadler has long been associated with Ibiza. Based in the island’s old port, her beautiful abstract paintings draw inspiration from the natural light and colours of the Balearics. She has previously exhibited her work at El Hotel Pacha and Pikes Hotel.

NuNorthern Soul is a record label founded and managed by DJ, producer and music consultant Phil Cooper. The label was established in 2012, primarily to release textured, layered and picturesque music. When making a decision on whether to sign music for release, Cooper takes into consideration what it would sound like during his frequent sunset DJ sessions on the island of Ibiza, where he resides.

Helen Sadler Art
Helen Sadler Art

Instagram @helen.sadler for the abstract artwork. Instagram @helensadler_79 for the illustrations.

Mark Broadbent interviews Dawn Hindle, Ryan O Gorman & Andy Wilson for Ditto TV

Pikes Ibiza Entrance
Pikes Ibiza in Spring

Mark Broadbent (former promoter of We Love and current promoter of Pikes On Sundays) interviews some of his good friends and long time Ibiza residents for Ditto TV’s Campfire series. Origin stories and anecdotes, the state of affairs and where it’s all going make up the chat in the gardens of Pikes on a spring afternoon.

Mark Broadbent Interviews Dawn Hindle

A friendship for more than 20 years, Mark and Dawn chat about what brought her to Ibiza, how Dawn transformed the nightclub scene on the Island, owning Pikes Hotel and her future projects.

Mark Broadbent Interviewing Ryan O Gorman

Ryan and Mark are colleagues and best friends, first meeting in a back of Manumission. Ryan shares his story – the beginnings of life in Co.Carlow, Ireland to present day as one of the leading free-party organisers on the island.

Mark Broadbent Interviews Andy Wilson

Andy Co-founder of Sonica Radio the leading dance music station in Ibiza. Mark explores Andy’s journey from worldwide travelling, DJing in some of the biggest club nights in Ibiza and personal stories on how the scene has evolved.

Dawn, Ryan, Andy – Favourite Ibiza Tracks

Mark’s guests pick a song each which means the most to them, and share with us why this reflects their Ibiza journey.

Mask exemption announced for the Balearics

Salinas Ibiza
Playa Salinas

The Balearic Minister of Health, Patricia Gómez, has announced today that in the Balearic Islands, that contrary to the previous announcements, it will not be necessary to wear a mask on beaches, swimming pools and natural spaces if you go to these places alone or only with a nucleus of coexistence. The Government and the ministry have agreed that the regulations that have come into force today are decontextualised at the current time of the pandemic.

The obligation dictated by the central government is on hold in the Balearic Islands for the moment and awaiting a new inter-territorial council next week. Several voices had requested that the Balearic Islands make exceptions to the regulations. Among them, the president of the Consell de Formentera, Alejandra Ferrer, who had demanded this Wednesday morning that the mandatory use of a mask on the beaches be “reconsidered”. The island president has assured that the norm published in the BOE goes “against” all the policies that have been carried out until now, when the autonomous communities, together with the municipalities, were “those in charge of making this type of decision in regarding restrictive measures related to covid-19 ” , he reported in a statement. For Ferrer, the mandatory use of a mask on the beach is a “disproportionate” measure, even more so in Formentera, “where most of the time, on the beaches and natural outdoor spaces, it can be guaranteed that people can walk with the necessary sanitary distance ”

Ibiza’s Best Value Retreats

yoga in ibiza

Ibiza has become a mecca for retreats of all shapes and sizes – a hard to navigate minefield of venues for the non VIP visitor with varying hours of activities and additional extras. We’ve come up with our pick of the best for those of you who don’t require a red rope around your yoga mat. All the following retreats are packed with value in terms of getting more yoga (or other activities) for your money.

Sunset Mountain Ibiza Retreats

Sunset Mountain retreats take place at a truly luscious sunset villa in Cala Tarida with everything included. That’s a vegetarian breakfast, lunch AND dinner so hidden extras or last minute re-mortgaging here; just enjoy your free massage and make like a yogi. There are no less than 5 hours of yoga a day that gives you an excellent practise to take home, including Asanas (steady poses)Pranayama (control of prana through breathing)Mudras (gestures)Bandhas (to lock and redirect the prana flow)Kryas (purification techniques)Dhyana (meditation techniques) and Mantras (chants and prayers). What more could you ask for? Beach time? There’s time for that too!

Prices start from 940€ for 7 days in the wooden bungalow.

Sunset Mountain retreats ibiza

Acroyoga Ibiza Retreats

Acroyoga Ibiza is just a crazy price for the amount of different activities that are packed into your stay, with practises and healing modalities well beyond the yoga mat. It’s If you like to keep yourself to your mat; it’s not for you, although maybe it’s just what you need! Acroyoga is designed to loosen you up and let go of inhibitions, perfect for those who are a little more adventurous in your wellness pursuits. The invitation is to come together as a group, drop the ego and let go, with things like ecstatic dance on the menu – dancing without drugs, drink or shoes, or aguahara which is a healing water journey. After getting to know yourself and experiencing your retreat-mates on this level you will definitely leave like a new person.

Prices start from 520€ for 6 nights

Acroyoga Ibiza Retreats Ibiza

Samskara Ibiza Retreats

Samskara is the new retreat baby on the island specifically providing an affordable yogic break that doesn’t scrimp on style or substance. Set in the hills by Cala San Vincente means magical sunset views from the yoga and meditation deck and the old skool finca vibes makes unwinding easy in beautiful homely surroundings.  June, July and Aug are pure yoga B&B, so instead of rinsing you out during the peak months your bank manager will be happy and you get a once daily morning class and brekkie for a steal. There are some seriously big names landing this summer, and in house retreats Re-Set Body Re-form Re-Treat with Olivia Peets of Religiously Nutritious retreat and Re-set the Mind Set with Ross Stephenson. 

Prices start from 65€ B&B and 627€ for retreats.

Samskara Ibiza Retreats

The Love Life and Live Love Ibiza Retreats

The Love Life and Live Love retreat just had to be mentioned because they offer a great all in price for the whole family. Introducing your children to yoga from an early age can only be beneficial, and it’s amazing to see them slowly calming down and a coming to rest on the mat. Not only that but they get to do martial arts and make a short film. We think Dad might get jealous and throw his yoga mat out the pram, but actually both will be occupied with 2 yoga classes a day. The price includes veggie food and smoothies so you won’t be going hungry.

Prices start from 1580€ for 6 nights for 2 parents and 1 child

The Love Life and Live Love Ibiza Retreats

The Lotus Pad Ibiza Retreats

The Lotus Pad Ibiza do brilliant value yoga B&B and is perfect for those who need a quick fix getaway and don’t have the time, wonga or inclination for more. Set in an old farmhouse with basic but comfortable rooms, it’s not about room service or expensive décor. It’s about kicking back, unwinding and appreciating the simple things in life. Rooms are per person and all are shared, and like Sanskara they keep prices the same all year to avoid the painful August rip off. They also offer good value retreats with Wendy’s slow flow asana sessions every morning, plus things like meditation and sound healing with mantra chanting, and host to other visiting retreats.

Prices start from 360€ for 3 nights

Our full list of retreats can be seen here

Artyogi mats for the creative yogi – full range here


Help Save Ibiza



Hopefully you have read our introduction and you know what our alternative Ibiza guide is about by now, if not then please take a moment to read this. We envision our guide constantly evolving with the help of feedback from our readers. We have gone to great efforts to search out those special establishments with character and charm, places that offer great quality at reasonable prices. However despite our many years on the Island we are aware that there are always those hidden treasures that can so easily pass you by. That’s really the message at the heart of what our guide is about and that’s where you come in.

That little chiringuito on a secluded beach that serves the most amazing squid, the family run restaurant with the best home cooking, that hidden bar in the old town that people frequent late in the night, that little hotel so steeped in history, what ever it is that makes you feel like it could only exist in Ibiza, if it has it we want to hear about it.

Please send us your suggestions via our Facebook page so we get feedback from our followers. Save Ibiza is a democratic system.




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Winter eco-tourism with The Fenix Project

The Fenix Project is a game-changing new concept from Greenheart Ibiza aimed at encouraging sustainable tourism to the island during off-peak seasons. The way...
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