DC10 Opening 2021

Sito Lara and his brother Antonio are the normally media owners of Ibiza’s iconic DC10 club. They opened the club in the winter of 1986 as a music venue and had great success with the locals. It wasn’t until 1999 that Circo Loco held their first events at DC10 and would go on to shoot the club onto the world stage, making it the renowned venue it is today. 

In this rare interview with Periodico de Ibiza, Sito (real name Deogracias) explained “I have always been very discreet, I do not like to appear in the media, in fact this is the first interview I have done for a newspaper and one of the only ones that I have agreed to in a long time. When you appear in the media, people judge you without knowing you and I don’t like that.”

When asked about plans for opening the venue for summer 2021 Sito responded “We are trying to reach agreements with the Balearic Government to create a safe corridor. There are many ways we can do this, but we are businessmen, those who have to look for solutions are the politicians, they will be the ones who tell us how it is needs to be done, as is the case for everyone. We still contribute ideas, but the most important thing of all is the vaccine. You have to speed up the vaccination rate, it is essential. Our goal is to work 100%.”

Sito Lara, owner of DC10

When it was suggested that DC10 could avail of their outdoor terrace (The Garden),  Sito replied “Yes, that’s why (we will open).” We recently had a meeting (with the Ibiza Leisure Association) and this is what we want to convey to the politicians so that we can make this work. They can not tell us to close our activity until they decide to tell us to open. I have not seen that anywhere in the world. We have been obedient, but we can’t take it anymore.”

Sito is currently the Vice President of the Leisure Association, when he was asked about Peppe Rosello’s (founder of Space Ibiza) recent outspoken views against day leisure (hotels and beach clubs) Sito said “I think that everything is compatible, daytime and nightlife can go hand in hand, in fact in Ibiza there are many options. I understand Pepe Roselló because the man achieved overnight success and was then they left without his business, it must have left a bad taste in his mouth. But I think he had other possibilities and he didn’t take them. But now it is ugly that he tries to create another leisure association, which is from Palma, when there they have no idea what is happening in Ibiza, and the interests are completely different.”

He concluded with “We must give the client something new every season, modifying the music, DJ’s, decor and even the theme that we are going to take every year, in these things it is true that we are working because we hope that it will open”