chili bottles

Sid Shanti is a pretty established figure on the island of Ibiza, having arrived here originally on his travels as an international touring Goa Trance dj in the 90’s, he has since worn many hats, chef, restaurateur, host, promoter, author… and now captain of (cottage) industry. If you have had the pleasure of reading his Glorious Ibiza Food cookbook then you will know what lengths he goes to, to source the finest in local produce. An extensive local knowledge, his expertise with food and a fondness for the limelight are the perfect recipe for an Ibiza Chili… oh yes and chillies!


The Chillies (along with the other fruits and vegetables used) are grown organically in the fertile soil of Ibiza by local farmers. In the spring of 2016 Ibiza Chili Co. planted 600 of the world’s rarest chili plants (Carolina Reaper, Trinidad 7 Pot, Chocolate Douglah and Jigsaw) across two farms in the North of Ibiza with a view to create a new range of authentic Ibiza hot sauces. Sid takes a very hands-on approach to the entire process, personally making small batches one at a time. Lemons are squeezed, tomatoes are chopped, Nisperos are de-seeded, secret spice mixes are blended, Chili’s are de-stalked and minced.

“We have four different sauces with different heat scales and flavour profiles. Each with its own use and way to be enjoyed even by those that don’t like things too hot!”

Ibiza Chili