Pikes Ibiza Entrance
Pikes Ibiza in Spring

Mark Broadbent (former promoter of We Love and current promoter of Pikes On Sundays) interviews some of his good friends and long time Ibiza residents for Ditto TV’s Campfire series. Origin stories and anecdotes, the state of affairs and where it’s all going make up the chat in the gardens of Pikes on a spring afternoon.

Mark Broadbent Interviews Dawn Hindle

A friendship for more than 20 years, Mark and Dawn chat about what brought her to Ibiza, how Dawn transformed the nightclub scene on the Island, owning Pikes Hotel and her future projects.

Mark Broadbent Interviewing Ryan O Gorman

Ryan and Mark are colleagues and best friends, first meeting in a back of Manumission. Ryan shares his story – the beginnings of life in Co.Carlow, Ireland to present day as one of the leading free-party organisers on the island.

Mark Broadbent Interviews Andy Wilson

Andy Co-founder of Sonica Radio the leading dance music station in Ibiza. Mark explores Andy’s journey from worldwide travelling, DJing in some of the biggest club nights in Ibiza and personal stories on how the scene has evolved.

Dawn, Ryan, Andy – Favourite Ibiza Tracks

Mark’s guests pick a song each which means the most to them, and share with us why this reflects their Ibiza journey.