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San Jordi Market Ibiza

The San Jordi Hipodromo was once home to Ibiza’s trotting races, a very popular sport on the island. These days you are more likely to encounter the huge outdoor arena for it’s famous Saturday market. The market is open to all, in the old days they would make people race to stake their stall plots, this wasn’t very democratic and led to the occasional punch up so now stalls are appointed in orderly fashion on the previous day. People sell mostly clothing and household goods but you are likely to find anything and everything. The open nature of the market invites people from all walks of life and there is a definite bohemian feel to the affair, this is the alternative side of Ibiza, the Ibiza of yesteryear, this is something we wanted to document in images.

old ibizenco pretty lady man and van market stall people 6.Wally at San Jordi Market Ibiza little dog ibiza sign market stall lady lamp shade market stall dolls in glasses hipodromo big bubbles hippie family wooden bastard

Photos by Ryan O Gorman