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Ibiza Spirit Festival

Ibiza Spirit Festival
Spirit Festival

Held in the beautiful gardens of Atzaró the Ibiza Spirit is an all day festival “Celebrating the Spirit of Ibiza in Dance, Consciousness & Love for all free spirits of Ibiza”. The festival highlights practices in yoga, meditation, tantra and healing. It features workshops in areas such as self hypnosis and “living with purpose”.

Founded by Jerry Brownstein and coordinated by Sabina Brownstein, their vision is to create “a day of joyous celebration that shows us how beautiful life can be, how together we can generate the energy for positive transformation… in ourselves and in the world. They along with their team are dedicated to raising global consciousness by bringing the awareness of alternative lifestyles and individual transformation to our beautiful island so that Ibiza becomes a shining example of humanity’s highest potential”.

For more information on timetables and workshops visit their facebook page

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