Cathy Guetta
Cathy Guetta Bagatelle Ibiza

Bagatelle (formerly Cala Moli Beach Club) opened to great fanfare this summer hosting over 500 socialites at it’s inaugural event. The beach club hosted by David Guetta’s ex-wife has hit headlines for all the wrong reasons this week as the Diario reported that the Council of Sant Josep has opened a file for a “very serious” infringement. The infringement in question is for exceeding regulated noise levels and according to the first deputy mayor of Sant Josep, Paquita Ribas they could face a fine of 12,000 euros.

The fine is not so much what has stirred interest and amusement in the case, rather it’s how the Bagatelle legal team have dealt with the complaint. A member of their legal team contacted the Diario and expressed his dissatisfaction in relation to the police action. On the 14th of January local police carried out a sound check following complaints from neighbours. As is the procedure in such cases police officers ordered the cessation of music while tests were carried out to ensure there was no other sound interference that could influence the test. The test stopped music for “one hour” thereby interrupting “a significant social act” with French VIPs. Speaking to the Diario he said that he contacted the French consul on the island to ask for “explanations and an apology” from the mayor, Josep Marí Ribas Agustinet.  According to the newspaper, the mayor has not received any calls to clarify the police action.