Tucked away over the hills of Ibiza, in the heart of the north lies something quite different from the typical Island tourist attractions. Up2Us a festival style gathering, launched by Ritual and Namaste Ibiza has bought something quite magical to Wednesday nights to the island.

Unlike typical club nights that charge overpriced door charges, drinks and promote segregation of its clubber through VIP services. Up2Us brings something for everyone, promoting an evening for all ages, social status and cultural backgrounds. Everyone is treated like a VIP, without the price tag, with a modest door charge – free before 9pm and 10Euros after. It’s no wonder an evening created by the island locals is turning heads from all areas of Ibiza, with tourists and island residents creating a solid creative community, in an otherwise transient culture.

Cloaked in creativity, fuelled by live music and hand selected DJs, artists and performers, UP2US prides itself on bringing the creative community together to experience something outside the primary clubs and typical DJ line ups. Here you’ll find the emphasis is on visual performance and co-creating your experience alongside other spectators and their own UP2US performers, enhancing the mood and inciting the celebration.

The ongoing weekly happening has brought a flow of ancient wisdom keepers through to experiential performances to the already abundant Ibiza landscape, and thankfully shows no sign of stopping. They openly welcome a vibrant mix of locals, family’s, clubbers, visitors and long term seasonal residents serving a platform for a melting pot of unique ideas, forward and independent free thinking exercises all culminating in a memorable weekly party.

First launched a few months ago and starting as Namaste’s 20th anniversary celebration, UP2US have continued to support the creative communities of the island all joining forces across different stages that also includes and incorporates a stylish saloon and a family friendly experience. As they saying goes … what’s next is Up2Us!

About Up2Us Up2Us is an alternative gathering of its very own held on Wednesdays in Las Dalias. Set up by Ritual and Namaste the two have joined forces to bring an evening of creative expressions in all its forms, hosted by the residents and locals for all to enjoy. For more information visit their facebook page