Welcome to the first in our series of blog pieces on suggestions for days out in Ibiza. We have compiled this with inexpensive ideas on how to enjoy the island. Day 1 activities are focused in the North. There are some great suggestions here for couples. We hope you enjoy.


It’s always best not to make plans too early in the day in Ibiza so let us make our first recommendation for brunch at one of our favourite spots. The Paloma cafe sits in amongst the lush gardens of the restaurant for the same namesake. Although the cafe and the restaurant occupy the same beautiful location in the town of San Lorenzo, they are actually run by a separate collection of people; but with “the same love, passion and attention”. The cafe serves breakfast and lunch daily, a mix of mediterranean, asian and north african dishes. Homemade and mostly organic. Vegetarians are well catered for here, there is a great selection of salads, fruit and vegetable juices and freshly baked bread and pastries from the bakery.

La Paloma Menu


There is no better way to explore the island than being guided by an experienced in the know professional and I.W.A. leader Rob Seeker knows the best scenic routes. His walks encompass everything from full moon walks through Santa Ines to exploring Tanit’s cave and the San Vicente hills. All guides are trained and insured with great experience and island knowledge. A full list of organised walks can be found here.

walking ibiza
Walking Ibiza


Sooth your bones in a traditional Moroccan steam bath. Can Marti is one of the island’s original agroturismo guest houses. It’s a quiet and quaint finca tucked away in the San Juan campo. At the top of the finca, slightly away from the house you will find their hammam, this is open to non-hosted guests all year long. The inside of the hammam is infused with a hazy heat. Built in accordance to traditional Moroccan techniques. After a steam bath you can treat yourself to a  massage. If the temperatures allow these can also be enjoyed outdoors, with the valley as a backdrop. You can go as a couple and book the place to yourself or you can book as a group. Couples can book for as little as €25 per person, group bookings are even less.

Can Marti Hammam


Venture just down the road to the wonderful Balafia. This is a meat lover’s haven and it really is heaven! Large slabs of the tastiest meat cooked on the outdoor grill is pretty much all that’s on the menu but it is more than enough. All meat dishes are accompanied by the crispiest, thinly sliced potato chips and a salad so simple there really is no reason it should taste so good – but it does; lettuce, juicy red tomatoes and thin strips of onion swimming in a secret dressing leave you dying to try and make your own at home – but trust us, it will never taste the same! The lamb chops are a must, although the huge T-bone steak is also a winner. This no frills establishment has no printed menus but the helpful staff reel off the different meat options available and your guess is as good as ours as to prices. The garden terrace is a beautiful setting for a romantic evening meal and a great place for bigger parties too. Can Balafia is so popular that you will often need to book at least a week in advance during the high season.