Mission: A day out in Ibiza for 20€

Location: Portinatx

10am: The coast of Portinatx is home to three stunning coves as well as some gorgeous landscapes, so whilst we were up this neck of the woods we decided to make the most of the day and pay each a visit in the cheapest, most scenic way. We start at the small cove on the far right of the coast called Playa Porto with the intention of working our way round to the others by foot. Whilst we were here, however, we were lucky enough to catch a guided tour of the area with Hiking Ibiza, run by Cristian which took us round the back of Playa Porto, along the cliffs’ edge, past a lighthouse and onto a fantastic rocky terrain where we were able to pick natural crystals straight from the ground. Hiking Ibiza offer guided walks all over the island, each one carefully organized to show you the most interesting and hidden spots so this was an incredible way to see the best views this side of Ibiza. I highly recommend it to anyone so keep an eye out on their Facebook page for the upcoming north-based tours. The tour is run by donation, so we offered up 5€ per person and headed back down to the beach for some refreshments.

Money left: 15€

13:00: We park ourselves at the cute beach bar Puerto de Portinatx run by friendly local Carlos who offers up drinks at extremely reasonable prices. They don’t sell food at the bar so I recommend bringing a picnic for this part of the journey, but they do sell delicious fresh juices for 5€, soft drinks and beers for 2.50€ and Mojitos for 8€ so it is a great spot to rest and watch the world go by. After filling our bellies and rehydrating with some juice we decide it’s time for a little relax on the beach before we continue our journey.

Money left: 10€


16:00: If you walk back to the village of Portinatx you will see a larger beach called S’Arenal Gross. Stop here for a paddle and an explore if you want, or continue working your way round to the last cove, it’s little sister S’Arenal Petit. You can access this cove by following a pathway over the rocks leaving from S’Arenal Gross. Once there while away the afternoon as you see fit (in my case dividing my time between snoozing and complaining after all this walking).

19:00: Before we finish the day we decide to stop out for dinner, and need go no further than the restaurant right behind us on the beach for some delicious food accompanied by an incredible view. La Cigueña hostel has an adjoining restaurant that looks out over the beach and is the perfect spot to watch the sun go down and enjoy some good food before heading home. The menu is varied and prices range depending on what you order. We stick to a good old pizza which even leaves us with enough change to get an ice cold beer to go with it (pizzas range form 6-10€).

Money left: 0€