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Introducing Save Ibiza

Introducing Save Ibiza

It is with great pleasure we introduce you to Save Ibiza, our low cost, alternative guide to the white isle. We are firmly of the belief that some of the best experiences in Ibiza are inclusive and available to anyone who wishes to seek them out. Our belief is that the authentic Ibiza experience lies in discovering those hidden treasures. Ironically the more money people seem to spend, the blander their experience of the island can be. VIP culture is quite similar wherever you encounter it and this culture is quite a recent phenomenon in Ibiza. However the island’s real allure has brought visitors here for decades. Our aim is to bring some of the attention back to the original charm, spirit and culture of the island and to focus on those things that make this place so unique.

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We are not claiming that one kind of tourism better than another, we are simply addressing the balance. Regardless of whether you are a millionaire or traveling on a budget we are confident our guide will paint you a more authentic and in depth picture of Ibiza. We feel it’s about choices and learning a little about the places you visit. The true spirit of Ibiza is inclusive and welcoming, historically it has maintained its diversity of visitors by not discriminating on socioeconomic background, age or nationality. So for many of us it seems like a step backwards to segregate ourselves with velvet ropes. We also feel that the commercialisation of Ibiza does not necessarily benefit the island as a whole, rather it lines the pockets of the few. Save Ibiza stands for homegrown, family and independent businesses. We have paid special attention to sustainable and eco tourism. Crucially for you the reader, we have created a useful guide to the best value options in all aspects of your visit to Ibiza, by this design alone we feel our guide is 100% unique.

In our guide you will find rustic restaurants, historic local bars and alternative music scenes, boutique hostals, eco hotels and affordable villas. There is a huge array of activities from watersports to organised walks, climbing and cliff diving. We also have an in depth guide to yoga retreats, spas and therapists of all kinds. We will help you find the best value places to SLEEP, EAT, DRINK, RAVE and REVIVE and help you leave Ibiza with a healthier mind, body and bank balance.




  1. Brilliant long overdue. Previously the real beauty of the island has only been available to the few. This guide addresses that imbalance. Can’t wait to exploit it’s content. Thank you.

  2. Brilliant a long overdue composite guide. Previously the beauty of this incredible island has only been available to the few. This guide addresses that imbalance. I can’t wait to exploit it’s content. Thank you.

  3. Love your project and looking forward to move back to the Enchanted Island 🙂
    Hopefully I’ll get to meet you as I want to come back to teach Yoga and Reiki, mean while I wish you all the best for this great project!! Sonia
    Love and Light

  4. Love this project and looking forward to move back to the Enchanted Island 🙂
    Hope to meet whoever created this project as I’m planning to come back to teach Yoga and Reiki so It’d be good to connect with you beautiful people. Main while I wish you best luck.
    Love and Light

  5. Brilliant Please keep me informed. I’ve performed in commercial bit And be so good to see the Real Side… Zak

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  7. I got married at Es Vedra may 15. I expect it to be in the same beautiful state as I left it!

    Respect the white island!


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