Home Beaches Porriog locals unify against the destruction of boat houses

Porriog locals unify against the destruction of boat houses

Porriog locals unify against the destruction of boat houses

Porriog hit the headlines in March after a cachalot whale washed up on its shores. The whale, it was suspected, had died from ingesting plastic, which was visible in abundance having washed up in the same area. The image taken by Jerome Ferriere raised awareness on social media to the problem of waste plastic in the Ibiza’s waters.


Social media once again sparked controversy to the area after boathouse owners called for the support of their neighbours to stop the demolition of the areas boathouses. The demolition was ordered after the boathouse were damaged by a landslide in February.

In a statement to Noudiari Vicent Torres (a representative of Alternativa Insular but who had come to the scene in aid of his neighbors), said that “a few minutes ago work had begun after agents of the Guardia Civil urged the protesting citizens to vacate the area” According to Torres “the machines began to remove debris and to demolish one of the boathouses that had been affected”. Three had been badly damaged, another partially and one last that remained intact. The intended work was to demolish the boat houses and clean out the area beneath the cliff.

Torres criticized officals for sending the workers with providing the boathouses owners with the sufficent explanation of the situation. It was alleged that workers had forced entry to the boathouses and removed belongings without permission. Last reports indicate that the locals have fended off demotion in the area. At least for the time being.



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