With so many beautiful beaches in Ibiza it is hard to make a compilation of those we consider to be “the best” as they all have a charm of their own. But when it comes to the clearest, most turquoise-blue waters there are a few that stand out because of their natural beauty. Here are a few of our suggestions:

Aguas Blancas

Located on the North-East side of the island, this beach is named “White Waters” after the gentle rolling waves that lap its shore, creating a white foam. This unusual trait can be put down to several elements: it is exposed to the breeze on all sides as it lacks the protection of a cove, and additionally the waters are shallow until quite far out, creating the perfect conditions for the carpet of white waters to form. Adding to the beauty of this beach is the quality of its sand, finer and more golden in colour than that found elsewhere on the island. Although all beaches get crowded in the summer, this is one of the gems that still remain relatively local and unspoilt, partly due to the slightly more hidden route needed to get there. If you do make the trip you will also get the chance to take a mud bath in its csandy clay, as this beach is one of the few whose earth has the right mineralization to do so. A word of warning, Aguas Blancas is an official nudist beach (although all types of visitors are welcome) so this may not be your cup of tea if you are offended easily at the site of a bare bum or two. Our advice is to get there early and watch the sunrise from the beach, it should be almost deserted at this time and the experience is really spectacular.

aguas blanca ibiza

  Cala Conta

A personal favourite, Cala Conta is made out of three coves with views over the small islands of Conejera and S’Illa D’es Bosc. The most popular are the first two coves, separated by a stone jetty and a beach bar called Sunset Ashram perched above it. The third cove is slightly further away and is also a naturist beach (I’m not just trying to get everyone naked…Ibiza is pretty open to nudism so many beaches all over the island happen to have a birthday-suit dress code). Although Cala Conta has stunning waters and offers one of the best sunsets on the island, due to its small dimensions it does have a tendency to get overcrowded in summer. Because of this the best time of year to pay it a visit is May or June to get a chance to experience its true beauty without feeling like you are spooning your neighbour.

cala conta


 Cala D’en Serra

This tiny North-facing cove is much-loved amongst locals. What the little bay lacks in size it makes up for in clear turquoise waters and tranquillity away from the usual hustle and bustle of beaches. What appeals most about this beach is that it is relatively unknown, and stands away from any large towns, meaning that it is rarely overcrowded. It is surrounded by practically untouched nature, adding to its wild Mediterranean charm.



Las Salinas

This long stretch of sand lies close to the beautiful salt flats by the same name and is also counted as a UNESCO heritage site. Its shallow turquoise waters are perfect for swimming and snorkelling, and the size of the beach means that there is almost always space to claim as your own even in the height of the season. Although not a party beach per se,  for those who like a more lively atmosphere,  Las Salina has a selection of swanky beach clubs that play chilled music that liven up as the evening sets in. These are generally pretty expensive, but if you bring your own food and drink you can still soak up the beats and atmosphere that spills onto the beach for free.

Las Salinas Beach


 Punta Galera

Ok so this is not a beach, but the smooth flat rock formations that make up Punta Galera do offer the perfect sunbathing and diving platforms to leap into the most transparent crystal-like water you will find. As this is not a commercial spot there are no beach bars or restaurants,  so come armed with a cool box full of goods if you intend on spending the day here.

Punta Galera.