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Ibiza club season pass

Working in Ibiza has its pros and cons. Paying London rental prices with third world wages can be a drag. Sharing a lilo on the balcony of a San Antonio pseudo squat and living out of a suitcase is the tradeoff for a season spent partying in the best clubs in the world and the lifelong friendships and memories you make along the way. Which leads me nicely to the main pro of living and working in Ibiza… Free access to the best clubs in the world! Below you will find the most important information you will read this summer, this is the info on how to obtain club season passes that allow workers and residents into Ibiza’s best clubs all summer long, this is your ticket to the nightlife.


Ibiza Rocks:

Available exclusively for Ibiza workers and residents, this summer Ibiza Rocks launch their biggest ever Ibiza Rocks season pass. Including free entry to a host of pool parties and events, discounted food and drinks and exclusive offers only for Ibiza workers and residents. Sign up for FREE now* and collect your season pass on Sunday 21st May at our Cuckoo Land Opening Pool Party. Signing up will automatically add you to the free workers guest list to the event.


Zoo Project:

Zoo Project have launched their new Zoovolution Tuesdays, over the course of the next three weeks they will be collecting details during their castings from 5pm till 9pm in Gala Night (Zoo Project). Printed season passes will then be made available to applicants from 10pm that day.



Sankeys will be taking details for season passes at the club on the 20th of May. Workers/residents must provide full name, email address and resident document or work documents (nie/resident card). Details will be taken at the guest list on the night and passes will be available for collection the following week. Season pass holders get free entry and discounted drinks.



Get your ANTS workers pass now! Simply “join the COLONY” by signing up at www.unitedants.com,  show your work contract and get your WORKER card.


Privilege & Amnesia:

Privilege and Amnesia season passes are a little bit more difficult to obtain. Their policy is that they provide passes to the staff of establishments who support their club ie bars who sell their tickets of shops who hang their posters and so forth. If you work in such places then staff from these clubs will visit you in your workplace to take your details and provide you with your passes.

So make sure you have lots of passport photos and a copy of your nie or work contracts. Good luck!