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Sunsets in Ibiza – The Best Places to watch them

Sunsets in Ibiza – The Best Places to watch them

The Sunsets in Ibiza are surely some of the most famous in the world, with thousands flocking to the well-known “sunset strip” of bars in San Antonio that overlook the sea in prime position to see this natural event. These places come with a price-tag, however, and are often overcrowded. What many may be unaware of is that there are other, equally beautiful, vantage points around the island that come with the advantage of being less pricey, more rural and an overall more peaceful event than that experienced in a busy bay.

Cala D’Hort/Torre D’es Savinar

Cala D’Hort bach offers a view of Es vedra rock from an alternative angle to that seen in most of the commercialized pictures, giving the view a mystical, almost eerie feel. Come here to watch the sun disappear behind the famous rock, or take your adventure one step further and journey a little further up the road to a spot where you can park and trek to the pirate tower known as Torre D’Es Savinar. Your sweaty efforts will be rewarded with a birdseye view of Es Vedra and a chance to see this natural display in a unique setting, whilst the sea below you is tie-dyed orange and pink.

Sa Talaia

Being the highest point on the island, Sa Talaia boasts of the best sunset AND sunrise views to suit both night owls and morning people alike. The climb to the top is scenic, and timing it to fit either slot of the day means that the trek shouldn’t be too taxing even in summer, as you catch the coolest part of the day by escaping the midday heat. For the sunset, face north along the port of San Antonio, and for the sunrise make sure that you are walking facing south to Porroig and Cala Jondal.

Sa Talaia Ibiza


Although it is one of the most-listed places to go and watch the sunset, after the aforementioned sunset strip, it really is such a beautiful place that it deserves a mention on this itinerary. Watch as the sun sets perfectly between the two edges of the cove, behind a 27m islet called Cap Bernat. The vibes are chilled at this time of day, and Mojito-sellers walking around the beach offer a solution to those who don’t want to commit to sitting in a bar. Also worth mentioning is the now famous hippy drumming ceremony that occurs on a Sunday at sunset, when the beach comes alive with interesting characters who gather to jam and dance into the night.

benirras sunset

Na Xamena Cliffs

If you want to get away from beaches one evening then these cliff located in the North of the island, in the San Miguel area, offer an incredible alternative view of the sunset. There are some luxury restaurants nestled away around here that offer a stylish take on the experience, but if you want to keep it natural and save the pay check then our advice is to climb into the countryside and find the perfect rock to perch upon and take in the sights.

Na Xamena



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