Pinchos and Pintxos

A pincho is quite literally a skewer, and that is what these little snacks usually comprise of: a delicious morsel skewered on top of a slice of bread to accompany your drink. These are generally less expensive tapas and are even served up for free in some places if you know where to look! Here are some of our recommendations.

El Zaguan – Ibiza Town

Fancy quality tapas and pintxos in typical Spanish surroundings, friendly staff and an even more friendly bill when you leave? El Zaguan is the place for you. Situated in the centre of Ibiza town this is a great place to line your stomach ready for whatever the night holds.

Famed for having around 400 types of pintxo (tapas on a small slice of baguette), simply sit at your table and wait for the smiley staff to arrive at your table with a selection, take what tickles your fancy or wait for the next round. Each comes with a stick through the middle, keep these as this is part of your bill at the end. There is also a menu of other traditional tapas, like many places the pimientos de padron (small green peppers) are fantastic here, and also larger dishes. El Zaguan also has a solid selection of beers on tap and a decent wine list. This is a no frills classic, quality Spanish grub at prices more suited to a restaurant in the south of the mainland.

Pintxos Ibiza- Ibiza Town

Another bargain wonder, as the name suggests this place is best known for its pintxos (also spelled “pinchos”) and their crusty bread comes with an inventive array of cold or hot toppings skewered on top to satisfy our hunger whilst you drink. When you walk in you will see the counter bursting with an array of delicious looking snacks including a spin on the classic pintxos in the form of stuffed croissants and tarts. A good option for any day of the week, but this bar also does a special Thursday offer which involves pintxos for 1€ and beer for 1€.

pintxos ibiza

Mar a Vila – Ibiza Town

This delightful little tapas bar can be found in the centre of Ibiza town, near the bustle of Vara de Rey. Although it resides in one of the busiest parts of town you can escape into their little courtyard out the back and find a relaxed yet buzzing atmosphere. The pinchos are varied and delicious and I ended up opting for a beautifully presented pulled pork option accompanied by a glass of cava, all of which reached the grand total of 3€.

Pintxos Restaurant

Cerveceria Quintana – Santa Eularia

This is the place to be if you want an authentic tapas experience that is favoured by locals. Order one of their wide selection of Belgium and German beers or one of their craft beers from Ibiza, and you are likely to be pleasantly surprised by a small sample of their tapas or pincho range to go with it. If beer isn’t really your thing you might be converted by one of their fruit beers, although wine and spirits are also available to keep you warm and fuzzy. The full-portion tapas are a little more pricey than your average but are well-worth the extra cost, however if you want to keep the prices down stick to their mouth watering pincho range.


Bar Cervantes/Bar Sin Nombre – San Antonio

An unassuming exterior with the typically unflowery decor of Spanish bars hides a row of establishments known to locals for their good value for money. Ask for a cana and a pincho here and for 1.50€ you will get a well-presented and generous snack with your beer, meaning that you could easily while away a lunchtime or afternoon on just a few euros, and get fed as well. Whilst the custom of serving pinchos with every drink is normal in Southern Spain, especially in Granada where you would probably never actually have to buy food again, it is less usual to find such an offer anywhere else, especially in Ibiza! The bars also offer an extremely affordable menu of tapas and bocadillos (about 3-8€ per dish), but if you are feeling ravenous then the self-effacingly titled “Bar With No Name” (Bar Sin Nombre) offers massive baguettes for … The fillings come in every combination imaginable but my favourite is the “Don’t read the menu…tell me what you like!” special that is often offered by owner Maria, before you are produced your very own personalized snack.