Cala Llentia

Did you know that Ibiza has a natural spring of sweet water that flows directly into the sea, creating the perfect paddling pool? Not many do, but here we are going to let you in on a little secret and tell you just how to access this undiscovered area of the island. Just a couple of kilometres from well-known beach Cala Conta you will find the lesser-known, and consequently lesser-packed, little beach of Cala Codolar. This cove in itself is a gem with a pebbly beach and crystal clear waters making it a picture of Mediterranean beauty, unspoiled by masses of sun-beds and sellers, where you can often beat the summer crowds. You can also beat the summer prices whilst you are at it as there is a small adjoining beach bar that sells an array of snacks and cocktails at reasonable prices that are a rarity these days. Easy though it may be, don’t just settle with lazing the day away on the sand because just round the corner is a little-known secret that is worth discovering: a fresh water spring that creates a pool in the middle of the ocean! Getting there is simple but you have to go by foot. Start by following the little pathway on the left hand side of the bay up to the top of the hill and walk a short distance over you until you find a small inlet called Cala Llentia. This bay can only be accessed by climbing down the side of the hill, but my theory is that if you aren’t scrambling down a precipice at some point you aren’t really on the right track to find a hidden treasure. Once there you can often spot the natural spring because the waters tend to be calmer in this area, but splashing about in the sea trying to find it is half of the fun!

Cala Codolar