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Save Ibiza is about sustainable and affordable tourism. It’s about supporting Ibiza’s family run businesses. Our aim is to show you the authentic Ibiza experience and to help you navigate past Ibiza’s generic VIP culture. We aim to save you money during your stay and help save our magical island from commercialisation.

Our belief is that the authentic Ibiza experience lies in discovering those hidden treasures you won’t find in the lifestyle magazines. Ironically the more money people seem to spend, the blander their experience of the island tends to be. VIP culture is a recent phenomenon in Ibiza but the islands real allure has brought visitors to here for decades. We aim to bring some of the attention back to that original charm, spirit and culture that made this place so unique.

Regardless of whether you are a millionaire or traveling on a budget, we are confident our guide will paint you a more authentic picture of Ibiza. The original welcoming ethos of this island was an all inclusive one that didn’t discriminate on socioeconomic background, age or nationality. So for many of us it seems like a step backwards to segregate ourselves with velvet ropes. We also feel that the commercialisation of Ibiza does not benefit the island as a whole, rather it lines the pockets of the few. Save Ibiza stands for homegrown independent businesses and establishments we feel represent the true Ibiza experience.

Join us and help Save Ibiza.