There are plenty of ways to stay active on the island, and we have already touched upon some of the more popular water sports on the island, but sometimes you feel the need to push yourself to the next level. If you are the sort that feels like a quiet snorkel or Kayak ride lacks the “I might die” thrill of an adrenaline fuelled sport, then here are some suggestions to get that heart pumping, whilst enjoying the best of the landscape.

Cliff Diving with Rockid

Maybe “cliff” and “diving” are the last two words you want to hear together in a sentence, or maybe you are the cannon-ball-and-hope-I-don’t-die type, either way some professional guidance is an absolute necessity when it comes from jumping off high things on the island. By taking you out to the best rocks on the island to dive from, and with the careful expertise of knowledgeable instructors, Rockid allows you to face your fears, without any of the unnecessary risks. Try this activity on its own or combined with any of the other high-intensity activities they offer to customize your own dream package. Book here.

Ibiza Vertical Centre

Ibiza Vertical Centre founder Alejandro Pellegrino gave up everything to rock climb and live a purist lifestyle, and his project offers a uniquely integrative approach to climbing. After setting up the Club d’Escalada Eivissa (Ibiza Climbing Club) dedicated solely to rock climbing, he went on to incorporate this society into the Vertical Centre Project which unites climbing and art whilst promoting a healthy lifestyle. The amalgamation of the two comes naturally to both Alejandro and co-founder and artist Karina Danchú Zeff Peláe as they believe that the calmness and meditative nature of rock climbing is an energy that can later be channelled into art, music or any creative pursuit. To take part and join this community you can choose between learning in the indoor climbing school (7€ per entry or monthly passes starting from 35€), braving a guided outdoor climbing tour (4-5 hours starting at 250€ for two people) or start with a beginners course which teaches you everything from knots to techniques and runs at different points throughout the year. Book here.


Surf Lounge Ibiza

The Mediterranean is a tideless, tranquil sea for the most part, ideally suited to boating and bathing… surfing not so much. That’s where Surf Lounge Ibiza comes in. Located just off the shoreline opposite the Ocean Mania floating water park Surf Lounge Ibiza boats The Flowrider! An artificial, static wave machine, designed in California that can accommodate up to 20 riders at a time. Suitable for all levels of experience the controlled environment allows you to hone your skills safely and with the possibility of professional instruction throughout. All equipment is provided, there are lounge and dining area’s and you are conveniently located in the midst of some of San Antonio’s best amenities. Book here.


Free-dive with True Blue Experiences

Taking the step from scuba-diving to free-diving could be compared to going from cycling with your balance wheels on to cycling with two wheels, except you are underwater and can’t breathe. You see, when free-diving you don’t have an oxygen tank strapped to your back and are relying solely on your own ability to hold your breath and resurface to explore the oceans’ depth. Sound like fun? Then True Blue Experiences can show you how to do this safely and effectively. They offer a range of excursions from thirteen scenic spots around the island lasting between 3 and 4hrs (30-40€) and varying in experience levels from beginner, to intermediate and advanced. If you aren’t convinced by the buzz, the practice of being alone metres under the water is for many a deeply spiritual activity likened to a form of meditation. There has even been research to suggest that it can help you live longer! Book here.