destino st jose

Not to be confused with the resort owned by the Pacha group near Cap Martinet, this is the original Destino in Ibiza. This really is tapas at its best, a mix of traditional and more modern fayre, well priced, great portions and delicious.

As the story goes, the aforementioned party and hotel venue owned by one of the most influential families on the island simply decided to take the name and even the style in which it is written from this small, family run restaurant in San Jose. From time to time a taxi arrives from the airport with some very confused looking tourists who have asked to go to Destino and expect to arrive in a “luxury” complex rather than this cosy venue.

The menu is very varied and there is plenty to cater for all tastes, from vegetarian friendly dishes like pimientos de padron (small green peppers, watch out for the fiery ones!) and aubergine moussaka to moroccan lamb and thai red curry. If you would like to sit outside then booking from mid June to late in September is essential.