El Bistro De Stephan

El Bistro De Stephan
El bistro de Stephan

Amongst the reasons we love the beginning of the summer season is that it brings the re-opening of classic French favourite El Bistro De Stephan. Combining the ambience and decor of a classic Parisian bistro, incredibly efficient and friendly service and great food, if you’re not already in San Antonio then making the trip will be very much worthwhile.

Not only are there fantastic meat, fish and pasta dishes to choose from but also a rather unique choice of tapas. And the cocktails, we almost forgot to mention the cocktails! Try the Rose Road for cherry infused goodness or if a drop of vino tickles your fancy then there is a very well curated wine list.

Our recommendations from the menu include La Tabla El Bistro – a selection of charcuterie, cheeses and more – and the timeless Bouf Bourgignon. El Bistro may be most well known for one particular dessert, Tart Tatin, make sure you save some room.