The Valley of Horses is a unique place in Ibiza. Situated on the North side of the Island, in the natural park of Es Murta, It’s a place where  horses from many horizons (from the Arabic to the Appaloosa, Percheron, and French trotter and of course the Spanish) can live wild and free in a canyon spanning 70 hectares. Theses horses can help you discover Ibiza from a unique perspective, taking you from mountain tops trekking through lush untouched nature down to the beautiful beaches of the North coast.

Treks and Camps

Trekking in the North of the Island is the most pleasant and exciting experience you will get on horseback. You can ride for an hour, although most of our interesting treks and routes start with two hour rides. They offer half a day with a break for lunch in a country restaurant or pic-nick on the beach. For advanced and more adventurous riders they can go for two days or more with camping on the beach or accommodation in rural hotels. Your guide will provide you with your horse.

The Sanctuary

“Ibiza’s horse valley was created to save, house and rehabilitate badly treated horses. These horses were mostly used on race tracks, locked up or abandoned. Our purpose is to regroup them in a herd to re-establish their natural behaviour. Once the animals trust is regained we can start to rehabilitate and school the horse for a new owner and a new life. For the process a lot of time and funds are necessary. The association would greatly appreciate any type of donation or sponsorship. If you would like to help please, contact us now.”



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