Blissful Balancing

Blissful Balancing

Blissful Balancing Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a unique type of massage where yoga stretching, coordinated breathwork and deep tissue massage are combined, that gives a greater chance to help release tension from the body much faster. One needs to experience it to find out about its blissful benefits. The original method of AYM was developed in the early 1980s by Master Kusum Modak from Pune, India.

The individual session of AYM is given on a mat on the floor. It is a full body massage where both hands and feet are used in its delivery. Treatment duration varies between 90 – 120 minutes and consists of warming up the muscles followed by body movements and stretches, including chest/heart opening, hips opening, muscles lengthening and strengthening that can lead to releasing both emotional and physical pain from the body. Another unique tool of the AYM massage is the use of Calamus powder mixed with just a little oil that brings out the toxins from the body; the scrubbing and stimulating feeling awakens the skin, blood circulation and senses.

It is a client-centered work where the pressure while warming up the muscles and the right way to breathe as important keys in this type of a massage are communicated in order to create a mutual relaxation. During the session your mind will wander due to the emotional waves. To help you to be present you focus on breathing. This will prevent you wandering and the treatment will help you to go into a deep state of meditation where you will be able to go into an altered state of consciousness, with total surrender and losing all body mind controls, when it will help you to begin the healing process with the full support and the presence of the therapist.

AYM is the gateway to opening the old wounds and healing, unlike any other massage. Most massages focus on giving relaxation. With Ayurvedic Yoga Massage this is only a sign post in the journey. It is a therapeutic deep tissue massage that helps the client:
– To feel and release both the emotional and the physical pain.
– To release the toxins because of the blood stream to be expelled.
– To create a flow of energy that can be a healing experience.
– To be present in the body and the mind.
– Allow the body to self-heal, to be free, happy and healthy.

AYM is beneficial for many conditions, such as:
– Mental stress and physical tension
– Joint and muscle pain related to stiffness or illness
– Respiratory problems, (such as shallow breathing, asthma…)
– Problems with circulation related to stiffness and lack of exercise
– Bad posture and all forms of back, neck and shoulder pain, (such as scoliosis, slipped disc, imbalance in the pelvic girdle, frozen shoulder…)
– Pain in the limbs, (such as morning stiffness, knee pain, tennis and golf elbow, imbalance in the hip joints …)
– Constipation and other transit problems
– Stress, anxiety, depression, exhaustion and lethargy
– Migraine, headaches, insomnia and other sleep-related problems

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