El Kiosko

El Kiosko
el kiosko

Situated on a corner about half way round the San Antonio Bay road is a El Kiosko, a place for easy afternoons and simple pleasures. The bright green and blue paint job makes this place stand out and rightly so.

The front area consists a few booths built in to the surrounding wall, shaded by a couple of large trees, this is the perfect people watching spot and there really is an eclectic passing crowd. We have happily passed many an hour in this exact spot, sipping on cold red wine (not in the winter) and commenting on the unusual decor that El Kiosko has gathered over the years.

It’s not just about the delicious and well priced juices and drinks, Kiosko also has a very impressive menu of made to order fresh food and is most well known for its’ amazing pizzas. Our favourite examples are the ….. and the …. and don’t forget to try the …..