Falso Nueve

Falso Nueve
falso nuevo restaurant

Relative newcomer on the block having opened in 2014, Falso Nueve quickly established itself as a fantastic Italian eatery for those in the know. The owners have themselves a great venue tucked away just the Ibiza town side of San Jose and have made their mark by offering excellent food served with a smile.

It’s worth arriving early for a drink out on the terrace in amongst typical island countryside, even better during twilight. The menu is very uncomplicated with an angle towards flavours from Naples and is frankly claimed by many to be the best Italian food in Ibiza. It is a little tricky for us to give particular recommendations but some of favourites on the menu are the zuchinni and eggplant carpaccio, Ahi tuna from the fish selection and any one of the pizzas on offer.

Aside from the food and the venue it is a genuine pleasure to come across a place with such friendly, efficient staff. It shouldn’t be but this can be a rare commodity and this place bucks the trend very nicely. We wish Falso Nueve many successful years ahead, partly for selfish reasons.