El Viejo Gallo

El Viejo Gallo
el viejo gallo

El Viejo Gallo first opened its doors to the public in 1959 and has had an enviable history of serving superb, traditional meat, fish and rice dishes ever since. Located near the beach in Port D’es Torrent, we always feel that quality is (almost) always assured when a place is popular enough to have winter opening hours. El Viejo Gallo rightly falls in to this category.

The owners value high quality, locally sourced ingredients and this is reflected in the final product.
The meat dishes come with the option of being started over the coal grill and then served sliced on a hot stone (a la piedra), allowing the individual to choose how they’d prefer their choice to be cooked.

There fish is always fresh and there is a choice of how you’d like it cooked. Salt baked is always our recommendation, in part because of the endless surprise that this produces a more flaky, moist result than traditional baking. Some special recommendation has to be given to the lobster paella here. Pick you lobster of choice from the tank and relax, you will not be disappointed with the results.

El Viejo Gallo has created the right combination of friendly, warm ambience, excellent food and great value for money and deserves another 50 years of success.