Ibiza Vertical Centre

Ibiza Vertical Centre

Ibiza Vertical Centre founder Alejandro Pellegrino gave up everything to rock climb and live a purist lifestyle, and his project offers a uniquely integrative approach to climbing. After setting up the Club d’Escalada Eivissa (Ibiza Climbing Club) dedicated solely to rock climbing, he went on to incorporate this society into the Vertical Centre Project which unites climbing and art whilst promoting a healthy lifestyle. The amalgamation of the two comes naturally to both Alejandro and co-founder and artist Karina Danchú Zeff Peláe as they believe that the calmness and meditative nature of rock climbing is an energy that can later be channelled into art, music or any creative pursuit. To take part and join this community you can choose between learning in the indoor climbing school (7€ per entry or monthly passes starting from 35€), braving a guided outdoor climbing tour (4-5 hours starting at 250€ for two people) or start with a beginners course which teaches you everything from knots to techniques and runs at different points throughout the year.



7€ per entry or monthly passes starting from 35€

4-5 hours starting at 250€ for two people

Phone: +34 616 923 783

Email: ibizavertical@hotmail.com