True Blue Experiences

True Blue Experiences

Taking the step from scuba-diving to free-diving could be compared to going from cycling with your balance wheels on to cycling with two wheels, except you are underwater and can’t breathe. You see, when free-diving you don’t have an oxygen tank strapped to your back and are relying solely on your own ability to hold your breath and resurface to explore the oceans’ depth. Sound like fun? Then True Blue Experiences can show you how to do this safely and effectively. They offer a range of excursions from thirteen scenic spots around the island lasting between 3 and 4hrs (30-40€) and varying in experience levels from beginner, to intermediate and advanced. If you aren’t convinced by the buzz, the practice of being alone metres under the water is for many a deeply spiritual activity likened to a form of meditation. There has even been research to suggest that it can help you live longer!



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