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Ibiza Light Painting with Marc De Groot

Ibiza Light Painting with Marc De Groot
Ibiza Light Painting with Marc De Groot

Marc De Groot is an Essex born Photographer and Videographer who first came to Ibiza on a family holiday in 1982, he returned again briefly in 1998 but it wasn’t until 2006 that he spent a summer working here. “Around that time I was just shooting clubs in London, so to get the opportunity to do the same thing but shoot people dancing in the sun instead of a dark nightclub was amazing.” 

How long have you been a photographer and how did you get into it? “I bought my first camera in 2005, there was a famous but now defunct website call ‘Don’t Stay In’, it was a proto’ social media website for clubbers which was very popular before websites like Facebook or Instagram existed, it was heavily driven by club imagery and that inspired me to get into club photography. I’d take photo’s after my dj sets, after a short while the photography took over from the dj sets.”  

2020 was a challenging year for anyone working within the events industry and its satellite industries however it did allow people to work on projects they might not have otherwise been able to pursue, such is the case with Marc’s light painting project. “This was done purely to entertain people. With there being a lot less work in 2020, I took this opportunity to do something positive with my time off.”

Tell us about your light painting project, where did the idea come from? “Light painting has been around since the beginning of photography, so there’s nothing new there. I thought it would be a cool idea to do the light painting from the sky and not just from the ground. It was a pretty easy set up. Camera on a tripod and set the shutter speed to around 30 seconds whilst flying the drone around which has a couple of torches attached to it.”

As you can see from the images below there is probably a little to it than Marc’s humble description. Enjoy the images below. You also can follow Marc’s photography on Insta and Facebook.

The Oldest Olive Tree In Ibiza
Time and Space Ibiza
Time and Space Ibiza
Torre de Compte
Portinatx Lighthouse
Festival Club Ibiza

Marc De Groot on Insta and Facebook.


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