This series of art exhibitions was born from a host of previously inspired events created by Art Club Ibiza since 2003. These have included hits such as “Noche del Arte” (Night of Art) which saw Hippy Market Las Dalias turn itself into a makeshift art gallery where vendors could exhibit at their stalls, and “Ruta del Arte” (Route of Art) which invited the public to the studios of the artists to see their work in their natural environment. “Luna llena de arte” (Full moon of art) brings the open-air art-fair to Santa Gertrudis for an evening of culture and inspiration. This atmospheric evening starts at 7pm and runs on until midnight, and you can expect to see a variety of talented local artists displaying works of painting, sculpture and photography by the light of the moon. Often there are pop up shows and events that take place throughout the market, such as videos displayed on projectors and live music, but these tends to be spontaneous and unplanned, so you have to be there to experience it! It is the perfect way to spend an evening for all art lovers, and whilst you are there why not stop and one of the many picturesque bars and restaurants in the buzzing square of Santa Gertrudis to soak up the atmosphere whilst sampling some local food and good wine. These events only occurs four times in the summer as they are always timed to coincide with the full moon, so be sure to catch the last event of the season this month on September the 18th.