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Seafood in Ibiza – The best value restaurants

Seafood in Ibiza – The best value restaurants
El Bigotes

Being an island and, you know, surrounded by sea, it seems logical that this is the place to be if you like your seafood. The nature of fresh fish, however, often means that you usually end up with a full belly, but an empty wallet that may leave a bad aftertaste for some. There is no doubt that all decent fish dishes will come with a certain price tag, but here we have rounded up a handful of places where you can enjoy them without breaking the bank.

El Bigotes

This rustic beach shack has grown in popularity over the years to the point where booking has become an absolute necessity, especially in the summer months. This elusiveness has become a bit of a joke amongst locals, with one story going that the King of Spain once moored his ship on nearby harbours only to be turned away from the restaurant as he hadn’t made a reservation. So what is all the fuss about? It seems this small chiringuito has earned its fame as a result of its star dish: a “Bullit de Peix” (a hearty fish stew) served from 2 o’clock, which clients can’t get enough of. In a similar vein to the Fish Shack, the menu is limited to this dish (and a few light bites available before 2pm) as it is their tradition to cook up a big pot and serve it out to everybody lucky enough to get a seat, family style.

Restaurante Es Pueto

It’s the chiringuito of choice if you’re looking for good value seafood and meat on the beach with beautiful views across the San An bay and a reputation going back ‘til time began. Friendly staff and generous portions make it a must do, in simple Spanish style surroundings with the sea lapping right at your feet. We challenge you to find fresh seafood served on the beach for a better price. You simply couldn’t ask for more.


The Fish Shack

Located to the left side of Talamanca beach, the Fish Shack is somewhat of a hidden gem but also conversely, Ibiza’s worst kept secret. With an unflowery exterior consisting of just a few plastic tables and chairs on the rocks, the menu is nonexistent as you will be served whatever they have caught that day. There is a certain gusto that comes from eating the way that fishermen themselves used to, out in the open, with spectacular views and with the freshest catch, but there is even more gusto in knowing that the bill won’t leave you diving off the rocks and swimming to safer shores.

Sa Punta d’Es Moli

With frontline views of the sea, Sa Punta has a sturdy returning fan base due to its extremely reasonably priced “Menu del dia”, or dish of the day. By far the most popular days to attend are Tuesdays, when they serve “Bullit de Peix”, and Thursdays, when they do Arroz de Bogavante (a lobster and rice based dish), at 15€ each. Considering these fishy delights would normally set you back about 30€ per person, it’s easy to see why people are coming back for seconds.

Aquarium Cap Blanc

We will admit there is something a little perverse about going to an aquarium to eat fish we must first point out that the fish served are not from the aquarium, they are locally fished sardines. The fisherman arrives on his moto which doubles as a sardine grill (we shit you not) and grills the fresh fish right on the rocks that line surround the aquarium that reach out into the bay. It doesn’t get much more “no frills” than this, it’s an experience. The bbq normally happens on a Friday and Saturday but it’s best to ring in advance.



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