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Ibiza’s Best Value Retreats

Ibiza’s Best Value Retreats

Ibiza has become a mecca for retreats of all shapes and sizes – a hard to navigate minefield of venues for the non VIP visitor with varying hours of activities and additional extras. We’ve come up with our pick of the best for those of you who don’t require a red rope around your yoga mat. All the following retreats are packed with value in terms of getting more yoga (or other activities) for your money.

Sunset Mountain Ibiza Retreats

Sunset Mountain retreats take place at a truly luscious sunset villa in Cala Tarida with everything included. That’s a vegetarian breakfast, lunch AND dinner so hidden extras or last minute re-mortgaging here; just enjoy your free massage and make like a yogi. There are no less than 5 hours of yoga a day that gives you an excellent practise to take home, including Asanas (steady poses), Pranayama (control of prana through breathing), Mudras (gestures), Bandhas (to lock and redirect the prana flow), Kryas (purification techniques), Dhyana (meditation techniques) and Mantras (chants and prayers). What more could you ask for? Beach time? There’s time for that too!

Prices start from 940€ for 7 days in the wooden bungalow.

Sunset Mountain retreats ibiza

Acroyoga Ibiza Retreats

Acroyoga Ibiza is just a crazy price for the amount of different activities that are packed into your stay, with practises and healing modalities well beyond the yoga mat. It’s If you like to keep yourself to your mat; it’s not for you, although maybe it’s just what you need! Acroyoga is designed to loosen you up and let go of inhibitions, perfect for those who are a little more adventurous in your wellness pursuits. The invitation is to come together as a group, drop the ego and let go, with things like ecstatic dance on the menu – dancing without drugs, drink or shoes, or aguahara which is a healing water journey. After getting to know yourself and experiencing your retreat-mates on this level you will definitely leave like a new person.

Prices start from 520€ for 6 nights

Acroyoga Ibiza Retreats Ibiza

Samskara Ibiza Retreats

Samskara is the new retreat baby on the island specifically providing an affordable yogic break that doesn’t scrimp on style or substance. Set in the hills by Cala San Vincente means magical sunset views from the yoga and meditation deck and the old skool finca vibes makes unwinding easy in beautiful homely surroundings.  June, July and Aug are pure yoga B&B, so instead of rinsing you out during the peak months your bank manager will be happy and you get a once daily morning class and brekkie for a steal. There are some seriously big names landing this summer, and in house retreats Re-Set Body Re-form Re-Treat with Olivia Peets of Religiously Nutritious retreat and Re-set the Mind Set with Ross Stephenson. 

Prices start from 65€ B&B and 627€ for retreats.

Samskara Ibiza Retreats

The Love Life and Live Love Ibiza Retreats

The Love Life and Live Love retreat just had to be mentioned because they offer a great all in price for the whole family. Introducing your children to yoga from an early age can only be beneficial, and it’s amazing to see them slowly calming down and a coming to rest on the mat. Not only that but they get to do martial arts and make a short film. We think Dad might get jealous and throw his yoga mat out the pram, but actually both will be occupied with 2 yoga classes a day. The price includes veggie food and smoothies so you won’t be going hungry.

Prices start from 1580€ for 6 nights for 2 parents and 1 child

The Love Life and Live Love Ibiza Retreats

The Lotus Pad Ibiza Retreats

The Lotus Pad Ibiza do brilliant value yoga B&B and is perfect for those who need a quick fix getaway and don’t have the time, wonga or inclination for more. Set in an old farmhouse with basic but comfortable rooms, it’s not about room service or expensive décor. It’s about kicking back, unwinding and appreciating the simple things in life. Rooms are per person and all are shared, and like Sanskara they keep prices the same all year to avoid the painful August rip off. They also offer good value retreats with Wendy’s slow flow asana sessions every morning, plus things like meditation and sound healing with mantra chanting, and host to other visiting retreats.

Prices start from 360€ for 3 nights

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