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Into Ibiza’s Nature

Into Ibiza’s Nature
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Ibiza is known in clubbing circles as the clubber’s paradise, but the hikers of the world know something different – her intricately carved coastlines and secret trails have their own special magic. I’ve been coming to Ibiza since I was baby and my folks were never content with a simple visit to the beach; we always had to walk around the cliffs. I grew up with a million beautiful memories and the ever present urge to walk the cliffs or climb the mountain. So in addition to my parent’s favourite places I have discovered my own little island treats, and different ways to experience them. Here are 5 of my favourite ways to enjoy Ibiza’s magnificent nature.


Sunset drive along the salt flats

These dazzling natural salt flats allowed the first settlers to make a buck and put Ibiza on the trading map. I always make a point of driving along at sunset when the blue grey mountains and pink swathed sky are reflected in the shimmering pools of water. Stop at the supermarket on the Salinas road and follow the little road through the salt flats to C’ap des Falco where you can park up and picnic by the pebble beach. There are 210 differents species of birds have been registered in the park. Particularly important are it´s populations of water birds, including flamingos, the black-winged stilt, the shelduck, the snowy plover and sea birds like Audouin´s gull and the Balearic shearwater. The Formentera salt lake known as Pudent has one of the biggest concentrations of black-necked. Other animals worth mentioning in the park´s on-land areas include the lizard and several unique native species of snails and beetles.


Walking the cliffs at Es Vedra

Join one of Ibiza’s walking groups for an epic stroll with bird’s eye views of Ibiza’s legendary rock that you you’re unlikely to experience if left to your own devices. Looking down the cliffs at the secret beach of Atlantis with its bright blue rock pools and emerald seas is truly beautiful. If going solo, park up your car on the cliffs before you hit Cala d’Hort and follow your nose. The cave is worth finding, and searching for it is part of the fun.

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Free diving & cliff diving

Why not experience Ibiza’s magical waters on a different level, with a group free diving session for you and your pals. With no tank of oxygen, simply hold your breath and allow True Blue Experiences to guide you on an underwater journey you won’t forget, post dive high included. Enjoy the rejuvenating effects of water and see some of the island’s best kept underwater secrets including tunnels, lava holes and caves.

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Paddle surfing around Cala Conta

Get in the zone whilst working that core baby! Paddle surfing not only keeps you fit and gets you tanned – it’s a meditation in itself as you have to be so mindful and focus on the present. Driving to the right of Cala Conta and Cala Tarida you can discover a wealth of gorgeous little coves with sea-flung rocks to paddle around. Immerse yourself in nature but don’t fall off when a motor boat flies past. If you don’t have a board you can hire one from Talamanca or Cala Martina for the price of a water at Space.

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Dolphin spotting boat trip to Formentera

When you’re feeling the heat and fancy an escape, head to Formentera’s sun splashed shores with aqua marine waters and craggy coastlines. These waters are home to several dolphin families, and although spotting one isn’t guaranteed, it’s good fun looking. Aqua bus do brilliant value trips on their open top boat, and once in Formentera you can hire a pedal bike if you haven’t experienced enough wind in your hair.

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Thank you to Alejandro Iborra for the spectacular time lapse films of Ibiza

If you are interested in supporting the natural beauty of Ibiza then visit www.ibizapreservationfund.org

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By Esther Nicklin. More from Esther at www.awakeninibiza.com


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