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Ibiza Gets Medieval

Ibiza Gets Medieval

Sometimes modern life can be a drag. If smart phones, social media and killer robots are getting you down then we know no better place to get away from it all and make believe you are in ye olde times of yesteryear than Ibiza’s wonderful Medieval Festival. Eat meat cooked in a cauldron by an man in pointy shoes, watch a joust or listen to funky ass medieval flute folk. It’s got it all. Most of all take the opportunity to walk around the extraordinarily beautiful city walls and the fortified part of the city are considered by UNESCO to be the most well-preserved acropolis in the entire Mediterranean.

Over three days of festivities over 100,000 visitors partake in the festivities every year. The streets of Dalt Vila become a great open-air theatre filled with minstrels, artists, bird handlers, artisans, silversmiths, spice traders, dancers and chocolate makers, turning the old town into a thrilling spectacle and a mass of colours, smells and flavours from several continents.

From the 12 – 14 of May you can join the festivities. The festival is completely free to attend and has something to entertain most.


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