dog walking
It is a wonderful thing that on such a small island there are so many charities aimed at helping our four legged friends live a happier life. If your idea of a perfect holiday, summer or permanent lifestyle involves rescuing kittens, grooming horses and playing with pups then your help is needed!


Mojis is an animal sanctuary set up by good-guy Abraham who opened his doors to all creatures great and small, rescuing dogs who’ve been tied to a short chain most of their lives, horses who have been abandoned and every animal in between. What is really impressive about this project is that Abraham works six days a week as a waiter and dedicates most of his spare time and wages to the upkeep of the centre. It is because of this that any help from outside is greatly appreciated either in the form of donations or volunteers who help with the care of the animals. Whether you live here or have come over on holiday and want to invest some time with these furry companions in an idyllic location, Abraham opens his doors every Monday and Wednesday to those wishing to help.


If I am ever going to grow into the middle-aged crazy cat lady I have always imagined I will be, I need to know that the 30 cats I inevitably adopt on the island have had healthy, happy lives. Unfortunately the sheer amount of stray cats running wild in the countryside means that many are malnourished and diseased. Care 4 Cats offers volunteering opportunities in which you can find yourself rescuing kittens from rubbish bins, taking injured cats to the vet, re-homing those in need or even helping with the photography and social media side of things if that is more your bag.
 Care 4 Cats Ibiza


As cat lovers and dog lovers can be as divided as marmite lovers and haters, there is a doggy equivalent for those who aren’t feline the love. Sa Coma is an animal shelter that rescues, cares for and re-homes stray pooches. If you love dogs, enjoy being outside and want to get active, then this may be the role for you as Sa Coma is looking for volunteers who are willing to spend some time each week walking the dogs. This programme runs all year round with morning walks available from 9:00-10:30 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and afternoon walks running on Thursday from 17:30-19:30 in winter and 16:00-17:30 in summer.


Can Horse is a non-profit organisation which offers much-needed care for these animals, often found in neglected conditions on the island. Their volunteer programme includes a wonderful opportunity to be a horse “godmother” or “godfather”, a role that involves caring for a horse regularly so that it has a stable life (no pun intended) and sense of routine during the long periods it can take for it to be adopted in to a permanent home. They do ask that you have some previous experience with horses, however, so if this doesn’t sound like you then they are also grateful for fundraising and event-organising volunteers.